Diva's Stable?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by RoyalRaven, Aug 9, 2013.

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  1. Whilst listening to Curtis Axel's theme song on youtube, I saw a video called "Diva's Nexus Custom Titantron". This made me think at somepoint in the future (not now because of the Shield/Wyatts being a stable that attacks people), Maybe when Paige comes up, some Diva's form a stable and have had enough due to the lack of matches they get. So they interrupt the mens matches and well it explains itself. I think it would be an interesting concept, no idea how it would end though.

    Thoughts, Opinions?
  2. I agree with you. I would like to see that new concept in the Divas' division. A stable would be awesome in my opinion but the problem is that most of the divas are face and when Paige comes up, she may come up as heel and unless the stable is Paige, Layla and AJ Lee, I don't really think it's a plausible option even if I'd love to see that happening.
  3. If this happens, I freak. But if the stable happens but they attack only on Divas, better not to make it at all.

  4. No but the point would be that they attack Male wrestlers because they don't get as much air time as the guys!
  5. No male wrestler is going to be down with catching beatdowns from an all female group lol.

  6. they don't necessarily need to beat them up, besides it was only an Idea.
  7. Who of the current crop of divas (main - NXT rosters) could work this type of angle? The only ones that are logical are Kaitlyn, Natalya and Tamina. Paige whilst a threatening part of the women's division wouldn't exactly scare male wrestlers shitless ala Kharma.
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  8. I really don't think the Divas are really over enough for that.
  9. no, never. The roll up is the "big finish" for about 2/3rds of the roster. Pass.
  10. Woo WOo woo.
  11. It's a very tricky subject. As much as I would love to have it be equal (men attacking women just as much as women are attacking men), I can see why it'd be a bit... erm controversial. Like, imagine if this were the case right now. AJ Lee would just be beaten up and manhandled by all the guys she's fucked over in the last year. The playing field needs to be equal, somewhat. Like Alkaline said,

    I can also see those female wrestlers holding their own against men, but the rest of the female roster... not so much. Which is why the whole division sucks, imo. You're essentially telling me, "oh hey, these women can fight but not really at all".

    What I had been envisioning for awhile is that a whole new female stable forms, but only attack the current divas for awhile. Like, these rough n' tough women (beth phoenix, paige, kharma, etc.) just mercilessly attacking these skinny excuses of 'wrestlers', occasionally attacking random men because they ran in to defend their skinny girlfriend (for example, Fandango if Summer Rae gets attacked). I guess you can think of them as a female version of Shield, but a whole lot larger. Like, it gets to the point where this stable even attacks Stephanie McMahon and there's just this big war between the Divas and this stable.

    Buuuuut, that's just in my dreams. :smug:
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