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  1. Since the WWE devotes such a small portion of their time to the Divas anyway, and most of the time puts them in tag matches, why don't they just make diva tag belts? I mean, the Diva's hardly do one on one matches besides when they decide they have to have the Diva's champ defend her belt. I think it would just work better to have Diva's tag belts.
  2. :haha: you wish
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  3. TNA has something like that, don't they?
  4. No they have the knock out champ but it would be a cool thing to have tag divas :yay:
  5. All I am saying is it would allow a lot of divas to be out in a match at a time and still have it be for a title.


    Yeah, but I thought they also had knockout tag champs or something. wiki Although it says currently it is being held by a chick and a dude... lol IDK though I have only watched maybe 2 episodes of TNA.
  6. TNA has women's tag champions. But one of them is a man at the time.
  7. :dafuq: Yeah, I read that. Interesting... lol
  8. Rooting for this for a long, long time.
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  9. :yay: If only they would do this!
  10. Sure thing.

    Diva's of Doom ftw. :yay:
  11. :yes::yes:
  12. So you're suggesting that the divas division is entirely a tag team division? That could work, but if we were to have the current Divas division plus a tag division on that... no. But then again, it can't really get worse, so whatever.
  13. The last thing we need is MORE belts. And is there even a big enough division of divas (especially that are worth watching) to have both a singles AND tag team championship for divas?
  14. What I was suggesting is that we get rid of the Diva's belt and only have a Diva's tag team.
  15. My point exactly, if they were to add a Divas Tag Team title then they'd have to retire the Divas title, otherwise it just won't work.
  16. Yeah. I just think since more than half of the diva's matches are tag matches (or rumbles or whatever) then why not just have that as their belt?
  17. Makes sense. But that just shows the current state of the division, no one cares about it and they just book these matches to put as many girls as they can there and finish it in 2 minutes. Unless they actually start putting some effort into the divas I don't mind if they stay where they are, as changing the belts wouldn't mean anything.
  18. Well, that is why I like to watch superstars. When the diva's compete on superstars they get to have a full length, legitimate match. I mean, I understand that the diva's are not selling merch and that many people are not going specifically to see them, but I feel like why even bother having a diva's division if it is going to be half-assed so much.
  19. Let's be serious, the "girl" in the knockout tag champs (alongside the dude) is manly enough to compete in xdivision. That tranny is something that TV cameras should avoid at all costs, dont care to remember shims name.
  20. Heather, they cant even sort out a male tag team division. Their's only like what, 10 divas?
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