Divas Tag Team Titles?

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  1. I remember WWF having a Women's Tag Team division from 1983 to 1989. But I don't ever recall them doing much of anything with the titles then.

    However with the Divas reality show, the ladies have been given more regular TV on all of the shows. And in an effort to squeeze as many of them into a match as possible, tag team matches are common. So having a Divas TTC isn't completely ridiculous at the moment IMO,

    But the "It'd be a great chance to see what us girls could come up with. New finishers, new names, new gear. We're all so talented and creative and it'd be great to show that in a new way." makes the Bellas sound stupid as hell. This is why no one takes them seriously, It's all play time and dress up to them. They consistently get no reactions and or bad reactions and they are still full of themselves. Lets make up new names, botch different moves, and wear new clothes, That's sure to get us even more over than we already are!
  2. If this ever happens then I would like to see some more diva tag teams otherwise the title would switch hands like.

    Nikki And Brie
    Cameron And Naomi
    Back To Nikki And Brie
    Back to Cameron and Naomi!
  3. four thoughts..
    1) It's an interesting tweak to the Division.
    2) It's a pretty dead division as it is, adding titles may possible help it.. or it may draw no reaction whatsoever.. my guess is it will draw no reaction.
    4) if they did it, divas should be able to participate in both singles and tag team divisions at the same time.
    3) If they did it today, I would demand the immediate call-up of Bayley or Emma and tag them with Natalya.
  4. The WWE has a hard enough time trying to sustain interest in the Divas with the one championship they already have, do they really want to try and add tag titles to the mix as well? No one gives two shits about the Divas outside of their looks. They could dump the division entirely and it would hardly hurt the show at all (the worse it would do is maybe cause a pre-teen girl or two to turn the show off because she may only watch for the women whom she sees as role models, but that's about it.)
  5. I don't know, I'm kind of impressed with the Divas lately. For a while now they haven't even been the worst match on the card, not with pieces of cardboard like Curtis Axel and Fandango running around. Maybe tag belts could be a good thing, who knows?
  6. The division is just a excuse for scantly clad women, theses girls cannot wrestle so there is not point in tag team titles. Fans are hardly going to go crazy with excitement at watching theses matches.

    Bring back the Cruiserweight title instead as it will give guys like Sin Cara,Kidd etc purpose.
  7. I'd love a Diva's tag team title- but they need to stop hiring models and hire actual talented wrestlers instead, that's the only way it would work well.
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