WrestleMania Divas Title Match Announced

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  1. For reference, I am making a joke. BB means Bathroom Break.

    Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch has been announced for WrestleMania. Are you excited? Did you see it coming? I bet you had no idea this is what would happen!!

    The only positives I can take from this is I should have a decent amount of time to use the bathroom and get some snacks when this takes place. I am honestly sick of seeing these 3 feud. Let Becky or Banks have the damn belt already and have them feud with someone else. It isn't that hard.
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  2. It'll probably be a good match actually.
  3. Puppies! :woo1:
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  4. Sasha and Becky can carry anyone, don't hate. Appreciate.
  5. I am really looking foward to using the bathroom AND quite possibly grabbing a drink and/or snack during this match.

    Lol but seriously I hope Becky wins. She's probably the least likely to though
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  6. -match we really wanted to happen 6 months ago actually happens
    -everyone still complains


    Yes, please! Can't wait. Wish they had NJPW build for this, just tell us the match will happen and don't have lame shit on Raw to "build" it.
    Hard to get super excited at this point since they've done so little to make us care - that pop Sasha got at the rumble has dwindled and dwindled and dwindled and...
    Plus there's a huge burden on their shoulders, this is the NXT girls' big main roster spotlight after they've been underwhelming so far (sans Becky, who's doing better).
    Hope they knock it out of the park and, crowd willing, I'm sure they will to an extent.
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  7. The match will deliver if it's given enough time.

    It's not like I'm not hyped for this match, it's just that they haven't given me a reason to care.
  8. Do they ever? :pity:
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  9. Out of the three I like her the most.
  10. Touche
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  11. Who's the party pooper who changed the name of the thread?....

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  12. This is good.. It sounds better than a boring 1 on 1 with Charlotte and Sasha.. Becky needed to be involved to make it a better match and leaving Becky out of WrestleMania would be a shame considering she's been the best diva all year.

    I'm still hoping Becky somehow wins this match, just to throw some unpredictability in there.
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  13. Should save it for when they announce the ATGMBR participants tbh.:ambrose3:
  14. Should save it for when Ambrose loses :finger:
  15. Would probably be over by time you got back anyways.
  16. :harvey:
  17. Poop joke ftw.
  18. Your... face is.. a POOP JOKE! :finger:
  19. This better be a good over 10 minute match
  20. Just realized this, the NXT title, and the Lucha Underground title all have almost the exact same storyline right now lol
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