DIVA'S !!!!!!

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  1. OK im not sure what the .... is going on in Diva land. How come these little tiny model wrestlers can beat Diva's like Beth and Natalia ??? The reason its a joke well is because of just that. Some bimbo walks into WWE with big tits and get hired. With no talent , well none in the ring any way. There awful on the mic and the in ring sucks. Get it together WWE or just move on from the Divas.
  2. Blame John Laurinaitis.
  3. WWE just doesn't care about female wrestling any more and it's sad. You have real talent like Natayla given a farting gimmick and now Beth is retiring. The division is more than dead now. They either need to go out and hire some decent female wrestlers or scrap the division, because at the moment the only useful thing a diva segment is in WWE is a chance for us fans to have a piss break or snack break.
  4. How can Rey Mysterio beat Batista?
  5. Yeah, the Divas division is a complete mess. They'd be better off if they scrapped it considering how much effort they put into it. I think there's some reason for them not to remove the Divas entirely, maybe so they don't look sexist or something.
  6. How can Cm punk beat kane...if we're talking logic here. :boss1:
  7. because men are horny and want to see models be pushed in wwe
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