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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 18, 2012.

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  1. Order these Divisions from favorite to least favorite, and explain why you did, and I don't mean in their current state. I mean in general, as if they were all in their prime.

    Divisions are: World championship divisions, midcard divisions, tag team division, and diva divisions.

    1. Tag Team division
    2. World championship divisions
    3. Midcard divisions
    4. Diva division

    Why, I chose this list is because when done right I enjoy watching a good team feuding with other teams. Plus, they are usually involving stables in the championship picture too, plus steel cage matches are more interesting, and other stipulated matches are more interesting to me too when they involve team matches. World championship second, because these are suppose to be where the best are. They have the best stipulations matches, and have the spotlight. Midcard third is because I enjoy watching new talent get pushed, and seeing more new moves and new matches. Divas last because enjoy their matches to, a lot actually. I enjoy everyone of these divisions, but I had to make a list, since I expect everyone else too. Divas last because they don't get much screen time, even in the best time. They have lengthy matches when they can, and certain divas are actually great wrestlers. I don't watch divas for anything sexual, and I said that before anybody says anything because I'm being serious. Divas need more TV time, and better divas. There are few divas in history I can name that started in WWE and are good.
  2. 1. Tag Team division
    2. World championship divisions
    3. Midcard divisions
    4. Diva division

    we think alike. i have the most interest in tag team division because it allows for so many combinations of wrestlers. some of them go together well and some of them are random like kane and hurricane :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: seems more effort isbeing put into the division now.. looking forward to it
  3. 1. World championships division
    2. Midcard divisions
    3. Tag Team divison
    4. Diva's divsion.

    I choose this list because at the moment I'm more invested in the World Championships division, than any other. The past few months have been good for the WWE championship. The Punk and Bryan feud was fantastic and their match at the PPV (Think It was extreme Rules, I'm unsure) was outstanding. The Sheamus vs ADR is a bit of a let down as both characters come off a bit boring, but that didn't lower my rating for the division as I'm sure a returning Wade Barrett with get the ball rolling. Secondly I placed the Midcard divisions above the Tag team division, Why?. Simply because the matches are more enjoyable. Finally as suspected I've voted the divas division last, the matches are not enjoyable (Especially those with Kelly Kelly) WWE don't invest enough time in divas, and that's why I have no doubt everyone will rate that division last.
  4. World Title
    Tag Team

    I pick the main event first because they get more time, are in the spotlight, and whenever something epic happens it's there. Midcard because I love it when two talented, but not so known wrestlers go at it with good time for matches and impress everyone. I like the tag team and divas division but I don't have any special interest in them, I like watching them but don't really have much to say other than they should be more valued than they are at the moment.
  5. I agree.
  6. I didnt mean at this moment though, I meant in general, whether they are all good or bad currently doesn't matter.
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