Divison between RAW and SmackDown

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  1. I for one would want RAW and SmackDown to have seperate wrestlers again like before.

    SuperRaw is making every SD superstar seem less irrelevant.

    That way there can be much more diversity in between matches and we wont have to see the same superstars take up main event time twice a weak while others get left behind.

    I think the best days were when RAW was main eventing Tripple Hs, Shawn Micheals, Batistas, Flairs, Austins, Hogans, Kanes, while Smackdown had Undertakers, Lesners, Rocks, Angles, Big Shows, Benoits.

    Imho this divison would make wwe much more entertaining and interesting. Also the draft pick every year or two to spice things up, build new rivalries etc.

    Also lets lets talk about the tag divison. I would like a stable in the tag division. Thats the only way it cam become relevant again. Maybe Sin Cara turning heel and forming a ALL MEXICAN stable with Del Rio and Hunico and Camacho?
  2. http://wweforums.net/showthread.php?tid=9833

    By the way, irrelevant means basically that they aren't important, so being less irrelevant would be a good thing. So, you're basically saying you like SuperRaw.
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  3. Super RAW ended, but they just still feature superstars on each show brand either way. Basically, there is no brand. It's just two shows.
  4. When did the brand split start to die out anyway?
  5. It's just two shows nowadays not a massive brand split no more!

    Only thing I wish is that at somepoint we get Bryan massively over and use him to unify the titles again as as much as they need two belts I don't always feel its for the best as one is always gonna be more hyped than than the other.
  6. First of all heavyweight and wwe title shouldnt be unified.

    Second of all, even if its unified bryan shouldnt be the one carrying it. Frodo as the face of wwe? bitch please.
  7. :facepalm1: You sir, are the biggest idiot ever.