News Dixie addresses the TNA locker room

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Senhor Perfect, Jul 23, 2013.

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  1. :facepalm: Fucking Dixie
  2. Woooo Dixie da bess. Lettemknow, Big Dix! Laying down the law! Best step your game up or you gonna get dumped, fools!
  3. By long term good of the company they mean going down the shithole?

    TNA im sorry but the only news coming in is bad news, It seems like the company are cutting cost everywhere they go, They taped a year of shitty One Night Onlys a year in advance, The company just seems like its done.
  4. They want to fix TNA? Fire Dixie.
  5. Not as simple as that tbh. Hogan in control could be just as bad.
  6. Obviously don't replace her with Hogan. Replace her with so done who will fire Hogan.
  7. Other than Hogan it would be Jeff J but again that would be shit too :/
  8. Replace her with Janice Carter (her mom). She's the one calling all the tough shots anyway from what I understand. The Carter's have more money than Saudi Arabian royalty so someone who had a clear idea of how to utilize this and who isn't in awe of the hulkster would do wonders.

  9. I always cringe reading anything you have to say about TNA.
  10. Just my opinion I dont think Double J would run it well, Sorry.

  11. No need to apologize for your ignorance.
  12. Ignorance? I dont watch TNA that often so I wouldnt know.
  13. How would Robert Carter, TNA's chairman, fire his own daughter? Seems stupid, but they should fire her :haha:
  14. Dixie, additional cuts should be:

    Old man Hogan
    Hogan with a full head of hair
    Everyone in Aces & Eights
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  15. Bulletproof, not happening!

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  16. Maybe if she stripped down...did a crap walk bottom side up wearing nothing that might get a war chant going

    Stop justifying your action, Dixie!... Cut the fat and let Taz go... cut the garbage and let Garett walk

    All I need to know about Dixie is that Hemme and Brooke get fatter rolls all of Samoa Joe combined

    Go back to your little house, cry on daddy's shoulder in a cringeworthy segment thats Family Guy level awkward
  17. More releases on the way WTF Dixie isnt gonna have anyone left in TNA the company is gonna close down by end of this year
  18. As long as they have Spike, they'll be afloat.
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