Dixie Carter "Fires" D'Lo Brown From His Office Position

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Mar 17, 2013.

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  1. Dixie Carter has mentioned on Twitter that D'Lo Brown was fired from his office position. D'Lo replied that it would allow him to focus on restarting his "previous career" (as a wrestler).

    I told you, Kurt vs. D'Lo is set.:rock:
  2. He'll be in the ring full time now? Excellent :burns:
  3. Dixie Carter is messin with the real deal now
  4. Doubt it'll be full time, but here and there lol.

    Calling it first: Angle & King Mo vs. Wes Brisco & D'Lo Brown. :obama:
  5. I forgot about King Mo being in TNA. Does getting KTFO by a spinning backfist in MMA hurt his image as a pro wrestler? I have to think yes.
  6. I'd Kurt vs Anderson, stop Kenny floating in the background and they've proven they can go before.
  7. His debut is said to be in April.
  8. :yes: i'm down.
  9. His actual in ring debut? I picture him being very good in the ring from the jump. Very nice pedigree as an amateur.
  10. Dixie said so a month ago, though it isn't done deal, as it depends on his progress. I'd dig him vs. Angle, vs. Joe and maybe see him and Kenny King team up for a bit.
  11. :yes: I'm looking forward for the match
  12. Makes sense.
  13. Potential D'Lo feuds down the line:

    - vs. Kerrang
    - vs. Al Snow
    - vs. AJ Styles

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