Dixie Carter Has No Idea What She's Doing

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  1. In my opinion, Dixie Carter has no vision as a TNA owner. Panda Energy seems to be afraid to give money and take risk. I'm not a wrestling promoter, but I know that it takes tons of money to make more money. TNA is already 10 years old, and it still keeps the shows in the same lousy Impact Zone. They never had an event that drew 10,000 people. As bad as WCW was to it's very end, they were still making PPVs in big arenas, and they had a major crowd behind them. And they had no problem with making multiple shows on TV.

    I think, that TNA should've done that by now. Guys like Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Kazarian, Zima Ion, Aries, Roode and Storm can't get huge, because of the damn time slot, which is not so popular with the American audience (Thursdays).

    Even the WWE does the same things, that TNA should have done before them. TNA would've been more watchable if it was in Saturday morning, afternoon or night in a syndicate TV station. They make a lesser audience in their current time slot on Thursdays in Spike.

    How come TNA doesn't have a Clash of Champions type show? Because, no one in TNA has any vision at all, and are all afraid to take risk. I might not like Vince McMahon, but he is the reason why the WWE is where it is. He wasn't afraid to take risks, and it paid off big time for him.

    I'm not saying that TNA can amount to that type of success, but they should at least try. There's no reason why TNA can't become the next WCW with better management.

    I'm starting to hope that Panda Energy sell TNA to someone who has a vision and that will invest in TNA. I have no hope for Dixie Carter.
  2. http://wweforums.net/thread-19596.html

    Moving forward.
    TNA are moving in the right direction, Gut Check was a great introduction, and now this. I'd say they have plenty of vision.
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  3. Well obviously, that's been known for years now about Dixie, unfortunately. She just has the money for the company, and lets other people run it for her: Russo (back in the day), Al Snow, Bruce Pritchard, Jeremy Borash, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan.

    The positive news is that 2012 has been the BEST year for TNA, business wise and probably wrestling wise because it had so many great matches and moments. Why is that? They took a lots of risk. They went to the UK, got HUGE support there, filled arenas. They went LIVE permanently. They embraced the actual wrestling business via Gutcheck and brought a ton of new young talent in. They had the biggest US attendance in US history. They made new stars (Roode, Aries, Storm).

    Now, they're going both live and on the road. That's risk. Kudos for that.

    But indeed, I wish somebody else was in place of Carter. It'd probably be 5 times better than right now. but I'm not complaining.
  4. Dixie Carter may not be up to the standards that we'd hope however TNA are moving in the right direction. I wish nothing but the best for the company and the whole roster even though I'm a WWE mark.
  5. I think she's just fine. The company takes small steps moving forward, a slower but safer option. Maybe if huge risks were taken all the time, TNA would of completely messed up long ago. I've got not problem seeing slow growth, we all know the business is stable and continuosly progressing.
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  6. They've come a long way from being a PPV only company to the number 2 company in the US. Baby steps is key when your major opponent is a huge global company that no one can compete with. Being number 2 to WWE is a great accomplishment, now they just have to chip away at the WWE only marks and show them an entertaining alternative, which IMO they're doing most of the time.
  7. Yeah, TNA could use a better owner, but it's not like things are completely going downhill, they're doing well.
  8. Because you know, switching to the same timeslot as RAW wasn't a risk. Going on the road weekly when you're used to giving out free tickets at the Impact Zone isn't going to be a risk. Switching PPV's this year to arenas that can hold up to 30k isn't going to be a risk.

    And what about the thousands of gimmicks and signing of wrestlers they've done over the years? Yeah, they weren't risks either.

    But somehow, a Clash of Champions type show IS a risk. Golly.
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  9. To be fair, what risks has Vince taken lately? He's about to have Cena win the title for the 17th time at Wrestlemania 29. That's playing it safe if there ever was such a thing. Maybe if he shocked everyone and turned Cena heel at the event, but we know that won't happen.

    I wish someone other than Dixie was running things because I don't trust investing much time at all into TNA as long as she is around. If it wasn't for her, Paul Heyman would be running the company right now.
  10. Whilst I agree, I will only complain when TNA becomes a product I can't watch. For large parts of 2012 TNA has been incredible, and Dixie's risk taking is a part of that. If things drastically go down hill because of her infamous inconsistent decision-making, then I will make threads ranting about her and demanding her to resign. But whilst TNA is doing things right, then she will remain fine in my books.
  11. Fucking +1!
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