Dixie Carter meets the French #TeamTNA

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    TNA President Dixie Carter was in Paris this week – to meet some of IMPACT WRESTLING’s most loyal French fans.

    Ma Chaine Sport (MCS), the popular French TV channel that broadcasts TNA, ran a competition to find the six biggest TNA fans in France to go for dinner with Dixie.

    The winners – Laura, Antoine, Gabriel, Mickael, Jeremy and William – enjoyed a great night out with Dixie and TNA’s beloved French commentary duo Celian Varini and Gregory Deas.

    Dixie also recorded an exclusive interview with Celian and Gregory – which will be broadcast before this week’s French edition of IMPACT WRESTLING on MCS.

    Fans in France can see the chat tomorrow (Friday) on MCS at 5.45pm, with repeats on Sunday at 6pm and Wednesday evening.

    MCS can be found on CanalCast channel 126 and Numericable channel 150.

    Celian told impactwrestling.com: “Fans get to spend two hours every week with us on the air, but this time it was us who were treated to some time with the fans!

    "It was an awesome experience to have Dixie with us in Paris. She told us about future plans, and it got us exited about what is coming for TNA. Wrestling fans in France, and all over the world, need to stay tuned."

    During her trip, Dixie also spent time with famed MMA star Xavier Foupa-Pokam. Xavier is the announcer for UFC in France, which is broadcast on MCS' sister channel Kombat Sport.

    For information on TNA in France, go to www.machainesport.fr and follow @CelianVarini and @machainesport on Twitter.


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