Impact Dixie Carter out of power?


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From the board, the impression is that something went down at the last tapings and got a little unpleasent. A coup if you will.

From F4W.

Ever since Billy Corgan took over as the President of TNA Wrestling, we’ve been getting emails asking about Dixie Carter’s status. Dave Meltzer reported months ago that Dixie Carter’s exit from the company would be a face-saving move. That basically is what happened when TNA announced this month that Carter would remain as "Chairman" of the company and Corgan would take on the day-to-day operations.

Carter was at the recent tapings but she was not there for all of the shows. Corgan brought in Grammy Award winning singer/musician Sheri Shaw to write the TNA theme songs. That is significant because Carter’s husband Serg Salinas was the person behind a lot of TNA’s theme songs for many years so that would add credibility to the talk within TNA about Carter losing power. Some within TNA believe that she has already lost all power.

People in the company are under the impression that that Carter still has some stake in the company but Corgan is running the show and Carter will eventually be gone completely. The belief is that Aroluxe Marketing also has a stake in TNA. According to Tennessee business filings, Aroluxe Media, LLC is now conducting business under the names “TNA,” Aroluxe Media,” and “AMSM Productions.” TNA Wrestling filed under a new business name, “Impact Ventures LLC” on 8/7 and they have been doing business under that name in Nashville.

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If that is true, I might give TNA another chance. My major reason for avoiding it has been the absolute awful way that Dixie Carter treated Jeff Jarrett for years. Being a huge and loyal Jarrett fan, it was hard to get over that and contribute ratings or anything to that woman. It always left a bad taste in my mouth. If this is true, then I would be willing to give TNA another look.

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