News Dixie Carter says Hogan bigger than The Rock, and more

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  2. I do think Hulk Hogan is the bigger and greater name than The Rock, but that still doesn't change the fact Dixie kisses up to Hulk whenever she can. Go fuck yourself, you malignic ****, and push Magnus already.
  3. LOL. Hulk as huge as any brand? Hulk is more popular than MJ? Shut the hell up Dixie.
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  4. Hulk WAS bigger than The Rock, but currently? I don't think so. The Rock is fucking everywhere. TV, movies, WWE, billboards, internet, in my dreams, etc..
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  5. :lol1: no way is Hulk bigger than Rock in 2013.
  6. Not exaggerating either. I'll turn on my TV and a Rocky commercial with pop up, I check my email and there a Rocky "news story", I lurk the forum and there are way more Rock threads than Hulk threads, I check to see what movies are out and of course there's one with Rocky, I go to LA to visit a friend and what do I see? Billboards promoting G.I Joe or whatever.
    No way in hell is Hulk that big.
    Maybe in the past, but not now.
  7. Everything she said was on point until she mentioned how people wouldn't know who Rock was if they went to other parts of the world. I won't crucify her for that statement, but yeah, that's just dead wrong. The Rock IS the biggest mainstream star out of all of them, but in the world of wrestling, of course Hulk Hogan is bigger than The Rock. He's also bigger than Austin, Flair and everyone else that's come through the curtains.

    However, back in the day, he was just as big of a star as someone like Michael Jackson was, no doubt. There were few people who didn't know the name Hulk Hogan when he was at his peak.
  8. I agree that Hulk Hogan was a world icon and everybody knew him but nowadays almost all the people she's saying that would know him mostly will know him because of his GM role in TNA as no one would remember The Rock wrestling days, they can search it in the internet but in places like Africa they won't have that luxe
  9. lol K Dixie.
  10. Hulk Hogan is bigger then The Rock wrestling wise, but not in movie wise. The Rock has plenty of popular movies that gets showed on different channels on a daily basis. He also shows up on TV shows quite often too, Disney shows that of course gets a decent reaction because it's The Rock. Hogan though is pretty popular outside of wrestling, but not more popular then The Rock, and defiantly not more popular then Micheal Jackson. Micheal was the king of pop and a huge huge star that very few people can gain the kind of exposure and popularity he got because he also performed world wide, so he was not only known well in US but in other parts of the world.
  11. When you think of Basketball, you think of Michael Jordan. When you think of Boxing, you think of either Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson.
    So when you think of Professional Wrestling, the first person should be Hulk Hogan.
    But bigger than The Rock? Wrestling wise, yes. Overall? No.
  12. Hogan is more over than God brother :hogan:

    Better watch your mouths before you get leg dropped, dude!
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  13. [​IMG]

  14. Hogan needs to come back home to the WWE.
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  15. I'd mark so hard. And I'd mark even harder at the angry smarks. Oh god, yes. Please make it happen Vince :please:
  16. Hogan to bury and retire CM Punk. :yes:
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  17. There's a guy (or was, before he got banned for no reason) on the Pro Wrestling forums who was a big fan of Hogan and would always type his name out every time in cap locks as HOLLYWOOD HULK HOGAN. I think we should start doing that here.

    HOLLYWOOD HULK HOGAN should return to the WWE to do battle with The Shield. Hulkamania is an intangible force that can't be explained, and it may be the only thing that can stop the "hounds of justice."
  18. Meh personally think there is bigger stars than both. Plus the Rock is oversaturating himself at the min an backlash is inevitable.
  19. This just in:

    Hogan to beat the streak and win WWE Championship at WM XXX in two 60 minute iron man matches!

    Show Spoiler


    BROTHER! :hogan:
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