Dixie discusses plans for 2013 (interview)

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  2. Won't listen to her crappy, annoying voice, no thanks, but I've read what she said though.

    And oh boy, those changes came in a good way.
  3. :haha: I can't say I blame you.
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  4. But you're missing out on JB :upset:
  5. 2 feet tall vanilla Jeremy "Obviously, no question about it, certainly" Borash? I don't give a fuck about him. He's boring and annoying. And you know why? B/c of what I put in between his two names. That is his main vocabulary.
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  6. Lmao I can see it now you mention it :lol1:
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  7. Obviously, there's no question about it. Jeremy Borash is certainly the apex interviewer in wrestling today.
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  8. Well obviously, he's most certainly a piece of shit..... No question about it!
  9. No question about it, you're certainly upset at him, obviously.
  10. My ears are bleeding from hearing those fucking words, damn you Greg.:finger:
  11. :lol1:

    I'm staying out of it, but holy crap, love the exchange.
  12. So I hate to do this but the only net I have is a prepaid phone, can someone send me a link to what the changes are in text format without the vid? Thank ya kindly

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  13. @Testify may be able to help you out; I'm not sure. I couldn't find the complete transcript, but I did find this:

  14. Part 2:

    JB starts the interview with "obviously" (obviously).
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  15. :haha:
  16. 3rd part, I can't watch it because of the annoying participants in it:

  17. Challenge TV recently conducted a special Q&A session with TNA President Dixie Carter during her visit to the UK.

    How pleased have you been with the response of TNA British Boot Camp? Will there be a second series?
    I've been thrilled with the response of British Boot Camp. The feedback has been overwhelming and after really listening to everyone's responses, I'm confident we have picked the right winner. I'm currently at Challenge TV now, so a second series is a possibility.

    Are there any plans to release a TNA video game for XBOX or Playstation?
    We'd love to have one, and are exploring opportunities now.

    What is the latest update on Jesse Sorensen?
    Jesse suffered a severe C1 break, he has been rehabbing but it's a matter of bone growth at this point. I expect to hear from Jesse soon.

    Do you think that you will ever do a UK PPV?
    I would love to at some point, but selfishly millions more will see the great crowds from TNA IMPACT being broadcast from England versus a PPV, but at some point for sure.

    What has been your standout moment for IMPACT over the past year?
    Going live has been a definite standout. It has added an excitement and energy to the show which really comes across on TV.

    Do you have any plans to bring back the 6-sided ring, even if it was just as a special X-Division only event?
    In 2013 we will be launching a series of PPV specials called One Night Only, one of them will feature the 6-sided ring and some of the greatest X-Division wrestlers currently on our roster and from the past.

    What are your plans for the Knockouts Division this year? Will there be any new Knockouts?
    I would expect we would see a new face or two. I think our current Knockouts roster is the best it has ever been, but we can always shake it up a little bit.

    How do you feel about Aces & Eights taking over IMPACT?
    It has been a real challenge, it's effected so many things in the company. I'm anxious to get to the bottom of the real reason they are at TNA and who is behind it.

    Seeing how well full Fan Interaction weekends are run in the US for Lockdown and Bound For Glory, what are the chances of doing the same in the UK with a One Night Only PPV?
    When we tour the UK we're usually in a different city every day and it makes a 'weekend fan interaction' difficult. We do have meet and greets and several of the talent also come out at various times during the night, I just wish we had more time.

    Are there any plans to broadcast IMPACT or a PPV live on Challenge TV, so we can watch it the same time as the US fans?
    I happen to be at Challenge now and we will bring it up for discussion again.
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