News Dixie invites Tommy Dreamer to IMPACT this Thursday

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  1. TNA President Dixie Carter has invited Tommy Dreamer to Impact this Thursday in Betlehem in order to come face to face with the Founder of House of Hardcore. Apparently, Dixie has taken exception to comments Dreamer made about her at a recent HOH show and she has dared him to make those same comments to her face on Impact where she will give them a live microphone.

    "After the success of #Slammiversary, I want to address @TheTommyDreamer. You ran your mouth to your "horde of hardcore" fans and on twitter I'm inviting @THETOMMYDREAMER and his "horde of hardcores" to come to Bethlehem, PA for #ImpactLIVE this Thursday! @THETOMMYDREAMER I will hand you a live microphone and dare you to say those things to my face. Thursday 9/8c on @SpikeTV!"

  2. Well, alright. A little bit of cross-promotion can't hurt.
  3. Dreamer is using Dixie like the dumb slut she is. Awesome. How do TNA think they have anything to gain from this? morons morons morons
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  4. tommy dreamer has courage and he will be there.
  5. Dreamer via twitter is promising to deliver some "pipebombs" on the show
  6. Ehn. An extra 10 fans won't be that bad.
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  7. And who honestly really cares? I love Dreamer, but this doesn't really make me want to tune in at all.
  8. Well I invite anyone reading this who is actually relevant in 2014 to TNA.
  9. Also, I can't get over how cringe worthy Dixie's post are on FB and twitter.
  10. This is great for both parties. It let's dreamer shine and everyone (who is a TNA fan) who watches the show get to see Dixie put down like the idiot we all see her as.

    It should be a great deal all around, and Bully will be there most certainly.
  11. Honestly, I was hoping for either a proper authority figure to finally come in (STING STING STING) and be the good guy or Bully drift more towards for EC3. The feud with Dixie really won't have a good ending unless a table is involved but honestly the only way it can end is Bully and EC3.
  12. Bully must get some kind of major revenge on Dixie herself, or all of this was for absolutely nothing and a waste of time. I don't care when it happens, but it has to happen.

    I'm curious to hear what Dreamer will say on Impact.
  13. I wish Dreamer would train some people, and have them grow characters out in HOH. Having some original HOH wrestlers would be dope, and a feud like this would work better in my opinion.
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