News DJ Khaled's Legendary Snapchat Success

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Donald Trump_, Feb 5, 2016.

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  1. DJ Khaled has risen on Snapchat. He is the leader in Snapchat today.

    "We already know that all DJ Khaled does is "win win win no matter what", but now he finally has a way to show us how. Ever since he got a Snapchat account (DJKhaled305) about two months ago, he's been entertaining fans with his hilarious and inspirational snaps detailing his "keys to success" (spoiler: a lot of them involve personal hygiene).

    However, his account truly became legendary a few days ago when he posted a series of snaps documenting a harrowing evening when he got lost at sea on a jet ski. In true DJ Khaled fashion, he kept cool and stuck to his "keys to success" mantra, frequently repeating: "the key is to make it." And make it he did, but not before providing the world with a hilarious, thrilling and all-around entertaining story."
  2. I can't fucking stand DJ Khaled. Everyday I see some picture of his stupid fat rich face. Hes talentless garbage.
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