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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by DK James, Jul 13, 2013.

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  1. Sup guys. I am extremely bored at the moment and decided to post how incredibly excited I am for MITB. I haven't been this excited for a WWE PPV since Wrestlemania 29, but I already know this one won't let me down. Let's look down the card.

    -Rollins and Reigns vs The Usos. I never really liked the Usos back before this feud, found them boring. But throughout this whole feud, they have really impressed me. Unlike most, I really wouldn't mind seeing the Usos win the belts. The Shield has been around since last November I believe (Time really has flown by) and they are eventually going to split. I think it's getting close to that time and the Usos have actually been getting over with the crowds. Their entrance is great too, I wouldn't mind seeing them on RAWs each week.

    -Chris Jericho vs Ryback is the only one I'm not excited for, normally that would be the divas match but that's going to be saved for later. This match doesn't have much build to it at all other than the last few weeks of them facing off. I think it's going to be a very average match and the only thing that intrigues me is the way that it'll good. I'm really not sure who will win this one.

    -Curtis Axel vs The Miz. Unlike most of you here, I still enjoy the Miz to a point. He's just one of those guys that I loved from when I started watching up until now so I can't just not like him. Wish they would turn him heel, but that's for another thread. Axel and the Miz seem to have great chemistry and their last face off on Smackdown got me really interested. I'm nearly positive Axel is going to walk out the winner, but I was nearly positive that Wade Barrett would retain the title at WM29 but Miz shockingly won that. So really, I'm curious how this one will turn out. Miz gets a lot of random pushes it seems like and I don't mind that, I just think Axel should hold on to the belt a little longer. This match does look to be a good one though.

    -AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn. Ohhhhhh man. As AJ said on Smackdown, "No one cared about the divas division till I won the title." I agreed with that. Her and Kaitlyn have had really the only good divas rivalry for a lonnnnng time. Normally, any divas match for me is a piss break, but AJ can sell like no other diva can and Kaitlyn is also interesting to watch. I'm hoping AJ will retain, but I still don't know for this one. Kaitlyn's spear is wicked, that's simply put. I've normally only seen it used on AJ which is maybe why it looks so good, but either way I love it. I think this match has had an amazing build and the contract signing on Smackdown was actually entertaining. Really looking forward to this. Probably going to be some pretty brutal spots.

    -Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler. Two of my top favorite guys in the WWE right now are going to have another epic match. Their one at Payback was incredible as we all know and it was definitely a candidate for 2013 MOTY. I'm 60-40 that Del Rio will retain, but I still think Dolph has a chance. I love Dolph as a babyface so far and of course, love Del Rio as a heel. This match doesn't need much explaining as it's probably going to steal the show again as far as single matches go.

    -Money in the Bank all stars match. I'm still not sure who's going to replace Kane in the match, but I've already stated on one of my statuses I'd mark if it was Big Show. Seems I'm the only Big Show mark here and I am completely okay with this. Anyway, the build for this MITB has been big. I like just about everyone in the match except Sheamful, but even he's growing on me slightly. (Dude can work a match.) Everyone was predicting Daniel Bryan to take the case, but on Smackdown Orton was left standing on top with the case. Overall, I don't think WWE is trying to hint anything with this. Only trying to build the match. Really though, I think it'd make the most sense to see Daniel Bryan to win the case. I can only imagine the IWC's reaction if he loses and someone like Sheamus or Orton wins, I love seeing the IWC break down and flip shit. Daniel Bryan though is over as fuck with the crowds and it definitely would be smart for him to win. The only doubts I have for him winning is I've heard he was supposed to be working with Cena anyway this summer so he could easily lose the match and still face Cena at Summerslam. I remember last year predicting Cena winning and I was correct, and I could see Sheamus or Orton winning as well. Overall just like any other MITB, you never know who will win.

    -WHC MITB Match. Damn I love everyone in this match, some not as much as others but oh well. Of course, it would literally be a DREAM to see Cody Rhodes win. I've supported Rhodes since his debut in the WWE so it'd be great to see him move up to main event quality. I've thought he was ready for a while now. I don't see Ambrose winning at all as he is already the US Champion, but I do expect to see some big spots from him. In the predictions contest, I predicted Swagger which is the guy I really don't want to win but I could see it. He was feuding for the WHC until he decided to 420blazeit so I could see WWE just continuing with that. I would hate that honestly, but again seeing the IWC rage would make it funny. People are also predicting Barrett, and that's my second choice behind Swagger. I'd love him to win though and I think he actually has a good chance. Obviously, Fandango really stands no chance but we might see a leg drop spot somewhere. Same with Sandow. Cesaro has a slim chance and he's an overall beast, but I don't see him winning.

    -Mark Henry vs John Cena. Damn it still feels like yesterday watching the Henry retirement speech. Watching it over again now, I can clearly tell it was a work from the beginning, but at the time I almost started to get emotional so him turning on Cena like that was great. Some are calling it the great promo of the PG era and I'm not even denying that. This match has a great build and again, unlike popular opinion, I'm going to be the strange guy here and say I know that Cena can carry one hell of a match and I think this match will be tough. I am literally torn 50-50 on who will win. Cena's had a pretty short reign so I'm not sure if they'd take the belt off him so soon but it seems like Henry has really been pushing for that title. This match will probably be above average and the winner will definitely deserve it.

    Hope you all enjoyed reading if you actually did. Money in the Bank is by far my favorite PPV, and I'm really looking forward to this more than I thought I would. Can't wait for Sunday. Post thoughts if you'd like.
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  2. Nice quality thread! I love Money In The Bank and am really sure this one isn't going to disappoint. Once again, nice thread DK.
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  3. Nice thread DK. Agree with almost all your points, especially what you said about Cena and Henry. Both are quality storytellers, so they should put on a match that's better than it has any right to be. Same goes with Miz vs Axel.

    Nice job have the balls to defend Miz and ADR, too.
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  4. I'm pumped for this PPV too. Always loved RVD so can't wait for his return.
  5. Weird seeing ADR discussed in a positive manner.
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  6. No one thinks Van Dam will win. I'm pretty sure he will have a chance because WWE is announcing him as a great signing when in my opinion he's the one who makes the match look boring.

    Great thread James. I enjoy Del Rio as heel too.
  7. Nice thread man. I think a lot of us are excited for MITB for various reasons. Recent RAw's have been fantastic, MITB has been a consistently high quality PPV where WWE show their ability to take risks with younger talent, and the fact that the card this year is great. I'm excited for so many feuds and it's not often I've said that in recent WWE.
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  8. Exactly. Thanks guys for the positive feedback.
  9. Great HQ thread man! Knew you would fit in well here!

    WWE is at a peak atm, Every division seems to mean something and have something behind the feud (Exception made for Ryback/Jericho). The divas division means something for the first time since Trish and Lita which I like! I enjoy the AJ/Kaitlyn feud as I see them as the next Trish and Lita, They are both very talented and put on one of the best matches at Payback They put emotion into the match and it was a good match and amazing for the divas division, It was the longest divas match in god knows how long and WWE have faith in them, This feud will go for years not a constant feud but they will come back to this feud in their careers and I would honestly not mind seeing this feud go longer and im sure both of them could work a stipulation match for Summerslam and I think WWE have the faith in them to do so. Mark Henry/John Cena has been the best WWE Title feud this year since Punk/Rock, Henry's promos are golden and the match will be good. Uso's Vs Shield is annoying to be on the pre-show but im sure it will rake in some buys. The MITB All Stars has me super pumped! Ive heard from people who watch TNA that RVD has been shit but great in hardcore matches and look what match he is in plus I dont think he really cared in TNA and he was allowed drugs there so that may factor but even then im so excited about his return as I loved RVD as a kid. The match itself is enough for people to buy the PPV and hopefully will see some great spots from D-Bry and I pray he wins it. The Smackdown Match is made perfectly! The match was booked amazingly, Its a bunch of young hungry guys who are begging and pleading for a push and every man in the match deserves it, But in my opinion no one more than Cody Rhodes that guy has been so underrated for so many years, The only 2 people I wouldnt want to win is Swagger and Fandango, Swagger had his chance tbh, Yes he has been repackaged but I just cant see this being his moment. Fandango: Needs.A.Better.Gimmick. Im sorry but the gimmick is stale and who could really see that as champion?. Axel vs Miz, I am not by any means a Miz fan but I have high hopes this might actually be a great match, Miz has been improving and Axel is great in ring so this I have high hopes for. Del Rio Vs Ziggler, Dont get me started on this match, I am so pumped for this, After Payback I just cannot see what goes down and it seems very unpredictable. Ryback vs Jericho, Meh not really bothered. This is enough for me to buy this PPV, I never buy PPVs.
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  10. Normally don't read long posts but you kept me interested the whole time here. Nice thread. I too am very pumped for this PPV!
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  11. ILY
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