Do any of you have a pet?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by gzilla46, Jul 30, 2012.

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  1. This is the thread to talk about those cute, cuddly four-legged family members that we love so much. From dogs to cats to rats and parrots, we all have animals that loves us back (depending on how you treat them).
    Show us your pet here. What animal is he? What do you love about him? What's his personality like? Talk about that and more here.
  2. Two cats.
  3. One dog - the other one died earlier this year.
  4. I can post pics when I get home, but for now....

    I have one dog -- a male black pitbull mix, blind in one eye.
    One cat -- a male black domestic short hair
    One rat -- female, white with some gray/tan spots
  5. I have one dog, and the b****** kept me up all night barking. :upset:
  6. I have a kitty.
  7. Dogs do make you 'barking mad' sometimes!

    OH SNAP!
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  8. Anyone else have a pet?
  9. yeah but i dont really want them
  10. I have siblings, they are like animals which are like pets.
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  11. Do you plan on getting one soon?


    What? You don't love your pets? How could you not love them? They're like kids, only furrier. And they're so cute (most of them). And they love you (depending on how you treat them). How could you not want your pet?
  12. Had a cat. We put him down on the fact that he was bat shit insane.
  13. No, not really.
  14. This is depressing me.
  15. I have a bitch, and my god, she does't half get on my tits daily :haha:
  16. Yeah, I have a dog.
    @[Crayo] is in love with it. He's married to it on Facebook.
  17. It feels like people on this forum hate animals. Not because no one will respond, but because that most people don't have pets and don't want one. Or they don't want the one they have.
  18. I have 3 dogs. 2 at my dads and 1 at my mums.
  19. I have a goldfish, name pinky. :dafuq: :youdontsay:
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