Do any of you like JBL?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. I didnt like 'em either before i watched this promo. makes me believe he's really a wrestling god, this promo was great from one night stand. everything jbl said is true. he just owned the ECW crowd/tazz and the company. thats the best part. very few people could own a crowd like ecw's also, is that stone cold by jbl?

    your thoughts on jbl+ecw ons promo
  2. I loved JBL. His promo at One Night Stand was great. I agree with everything he said, never having cared for the old ECW myself.
  3. JBL is god. Second favourite wrestler of all time. Watch his debut as JBL on Youtube if you need an example of how good he is.

    Best heel in my time, along with HHH.
  4. Loved him. Quite possibly one of if not the greatest heel of all time.
  5. I actually enjoyed watching that then watched a bunch of other ECW videos, after.
  6. Really liked him. Awesome heel and has a great mic skill.
  7. Would love for him to return as a manager.
  8. Let him climb he's mountains first Crayo.
  9. When he was a Heel he was the best at it! The best Heel we all love to hate!
  10. You mean Juan Bradshaw Layfield?
  11. I loved JBL in the ring as well as on commentary. god he is funny
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