Do any of you think Punk might actually win?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 21, 2012.

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  1. At NoC most of us here think Cena is taking the belt of Punk, but does anyone think the opposite? It's the complete opposite of their first encounter when Punk was in his hometown and Cena was defending the title (MITB 2011). We do know these promos are going to be awesome, as will the feud in general.
  2. I honestly can't see him winning, it just all seems in place for John to pick it up.
  3. I think Cena will win, although he will probably still get boo'd in his hometown.
  4. No contest cena is winning i doubt they will let punk start to move way up in the title holders thinkg he has 200 somthin days cena has 380 i know its far off but he is getting to close
  5. You know Punk will pass Cena's reign on Monday right?
  6. There are a couple of reasons I can see Punk winning at NOC:

    1) He's on the cover of WWE '13.

    2) We've seen Cena-Rocky once (and there's a strong rumor we will again at Mania). This pushes forward even more the idea we could see Punk-Rocky at the Rumble. Of course, Cena beating Punk at NOC doesn't mean that we couldn't see Punk-Rock at some point.

    3) WWE has a history of not letting people win in their hometowns. I'm thinking the last time Cena had a world title match in Boston, he lost. The exceptions to that "rule" (as far as big-time matches go anyway) were Wrestlemania X-7 in Houston (where every Texan on the show won, including Stone Cold beating the Rock) and MITB 2011 from Chicago (when, as we all recall, Punk won the WWE Championship from Cena).

    I think the best thing about this feud is that these two guys are going to play it at a level that they won't tease us with clues as to who wins at NOC (at least if Cena and Punk have anything to do with those decisions). It also wouldn't surprise me to see them tease us in the wrong direction (have Cena standing tall at the end of the "go-home" show, then win the title at NOC or vice-versa, as an example).

    I also think that most of us do believe Cena will capture the title at NOC. I think Cena's going to win at NOC. But, we do get some great TV for the next few weeks with Punk and Cena playing off of each other. No matter who ends up winning (and I am rooting for Punk to carry the title for a year or more), I think it's going to be entertaining.



    Cena's second-longest reign was 280 days, which Punk will surpass by next Monday (he's currently at 275 days).

    Cena's longest reign (begun in 2006 in Unforgiven) was 380 days. So Punk still has to carry the title for another four-plus months to pass Cena's longest title reign.

    Due to the fact that Punk's on the cover of the video game, I can see him carrying the title all the way to the Rumble, but I don't think that's the plan.

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  7. i expect that cena will win the title
  8. Punk will win. This will be the fight that "gets him over". Punk will hold the belt up to Rumble and face Rocky..

    At the Rumble The Rock wins the strap and defends against Royal Rumble winner...... John Cena
  9. I believe Cena will win, but I won't be that surprised if Punk retains.
  10. Wouldn't screwing over the hometown hero be the perfect way to get Punk over as a heel?
  11. I think Punk will win via another retarded finish and they will probably drag the feud out longer, perhaps involving Kane somehow.

    Punk is losing his belt to Rocky at the RR
  12. Pretty much that^
    I see CM Punk holding the championship up until the Royal Rumble, then loses it to The Rock, and John Cena wins the Royal Rumble. Then CM Punk gets his rematch at the Pay-Per-View after Royal Rumble and loses. Then The Rock will fight John Cena. Funny thing is, if John Cena wins, we'll see The Rock vs John Cena Part 3 afterwards since The Rock is allowed a rematch, unless they say it's "all or nothing" whoever wins gets no rematch for the WWE Championship ever. Then just John Cena vs The Rock for the last time hopefully.
  13. The logical thing to do is to keep the belt on Punk till the Rumble, where he obviously drops it to the Rock. That would make him the longest reigning world champion in 25 years, which is great for bragging rights and stuff. Plus, as previously mentioned, wrestlers don't really win in their hometowns a whole lot.
  14. Im all for punk winning!! Cena talks to much imho... I know punk will eventually lose the belt, but we will see.
  15. Bump.... Shouted this 5 months ago
  16. Yeah GO PUNK! Lol rocky as new champ..
  17. Shouted it out 5 months ago.
    All of us knew from the beginning. :pity1:
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