Do children really want super hero's?

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  1. A few months ago I had to baby sit a little shit of a cousin I have. He's around ten years old.

    As the extremely mature person I am, I was playing Pokemon Black 2 in my living room when he came up to me and asked "why are you playing that babies game? Don't you want to play call of duty with me?". I replied with "why are you playing that babies game? Don't you want to play Pokemon with me?", he laughed and went back to playing his hardcore shooter whilst I continued mindlessly running around in a patch of grass searching for a shiny Pokemon wondering what I was doing with my life.

    Children try and act older than they are in the hopes of becoming more mature. They play games like Call of Duty thinking they'll fit in more with people older than them. They want to be cool, they want to be mature, they want to do things that are badass. Ironically, trying to act more mature is what makes them immature.

    So, with this its made me wonder: Do children who watch wrestling really want super hero characters? Take wrestlers like John Cena and Sheamus, do they really want people like that who are all smiley and sugar coated, or do they perhaps want more "badass" characters like Brock Lesnar? Is this also why Ryback to the end of his face run was extremely over? Who do you think is the ideal wrestler currently on the wrestler to be marketed towards children?

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  2. Kids only play black ops so they can pretend to be cool and be the biggest shit troll kid so they can be to try to earn YouTube subs and be famous like Minnesota burns... They all fail, and their parents need to actually parent them!

  3. My point exactly.

    So do they really want to say "lets go cena", or would they rather say "cena sucks" along with all the older wrestling fans?
  4. Nowadays it is about every second or third match you get at least one asshat who flash bangs their squad or kills a teammate and squaks in their 8 year old voice they they fucked my mom.... She's damn well in her 60s! Have at her!

    The only one who can say that in a match is me... When I'm against my son!!! It works on him!
    Prolly because I give very good details
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  5. Their followers, they want to be cool so they follow.... Happens everywhere... WWE preys on them...

    Be cool like cena... Buy his merch... Bang some twins... Leave your wife....
  6. Kids are just followers. They see older kids getting rated M games, they need to be cool like them and get one. Not sure about he Cena thing, although I'm sure a few little kids would boo if a bunch of older fans were around them.
  7. Actually they want heros, but when they grow a bit more they want to look like that muscled guy. They want to be more badass and what would be better than have bigger bra size than women? I think that's why they all want to be like Cena or Sheamus, but it's not that they really enjoy their babyface role. That's what I think
  8. Smart kids are smarks. Dumb kids like Cena
  9. Pokemon ftw
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  10. Pokemon > Cena+Sheamus
  11. Convinced that Adam is leojay's cousin.

    But anyway, I think those characters aren't for children, but more so for marketability. I mean if you think about it, would Stone Cold have ever been on a box of Fruity Pebbles or even CM Punk.
  12. Gotta say, when I was a kid I wanted the good guys to win.
  13. I really don't know a lot about kid psychology, but you may have a point there.
  14. I think the kids like both i enjoyed pokemon as a child(still do now dont tell anyone lol) but i also enjoyed south park even though then i definitly did not understand it properly i just liked the fart jokes and swearing.
    Plus kids loved stone cold the reason they dont want these bad ass people being kids role models is because they say its a bad unfluence on them but imo i think if a kids bad they are bad anyway regardless if they see someone whos bad on tv or not my parents where in someways fairly leniant and with the trust it made me think about my decision and 8/10 i would make the right one anyways you cant always molly coddle people or how are they going to learn? Generally people learn from there mistakes or there peers mistakes wich is my sort of arguement against the whole PG era and john cena superman thing because if you teach kids that you can be a superhero surely thats wrong aswell as irl you have to work hard to be successfull your not just going to win everytime.
  15. :pity:


    Me > You
  16. Sup Aids
  17. Sup Dolph's
  18. He wishes
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