Do commentators know the outcome?

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  1. I've always wondered about this tbh, we all know that the referee surly knows the pre-determined outcome of the match before it's started.

    But what about the commentators?
    Do Jerry and Cole for example, know what will happen in the match and who will win?
  2. Yes. Just look at the reaction and look when they go for a 1...2...2 3/4 they always say ¨its finished its finished ¨ but when for example taker hits the tombstone and gets the win they stay in silence.
  3. Cole knows the general outcome and all the big spots. King has said he doesn't receive any info before hand since he doesn't want to know what will happen. Play by play guys in general tend to know the general outcome of the match since they are the guys that have to weave the story for the fans watching on TV.
  4. I've always kinda had that impression, although I would have though King would know some of the endings to the big ones? But to be honest, I think it's best for the Co-Coms not to know. Makes their reaction feel more organic.
  5. bullseye with the word organic right there. Color commentary are meant to enhance what is already happening by organic reactions. I'm sure King knows the ends to the absolute biggest matches, but maybe not exactly what will happen.
  6. I think they know it, sometimes in a match I've heard Cole for example making the count, he says "1... 2... No, [insert wrestler's name here] kicked out at 2" and the count hasn't end yet...
  7. To be fair, it's not hard at all to figure out when someone is and isn't pinned. More or less all "signature" moves result in 2 counts, and most finishers end in 3 counts (except for huge matches).
  8. A commentator should expect a pin whenever a wrestler goes to the ground back first and doesn't kip back up immediately. At least in my opinion.
  9. Yep, Cole knows about it but King doesn't from what I understand.
  10. The main play-by-play commentator really has to know, because he has to sell the match to the viewers at home.
  11. I mean, the viewers at home can pinpoint the results to 95% of the matches before they even start, so I'm pretty sure Cole does as well.
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  12. Slightly aside from whether they know the outcome but still commentary related...

    Why do they say every week "It's The Shield, we never know where they're coming from!" when we all know already and the guys in the ring look to the same spot every time. It's only a little thing but it annoys the heck out of me.
  13. :true: Matches today are predictable, too predictable.
  14. Not really sure. There are more then just Cole/King, I'm sure there are many that are like Cole that know the outcome to every single match, and a good few like King who like to keep the majority of the match results a surprise. I honestly can't give you a definite answer but that.
  15. I'm sure they know the outcome. They're probably scripted along with the wrestlers to be deceptive and to work around the pace and outcome of the match.
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