Do I Need To Introduce Myself Again?

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Hannah Bee, Jul 3, 2013.

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  1. I'm like The Rock. I come back and leave.

    For the newcomers.

    Name: Hannah Angeline Crayola Albin
    Age: 17. Nearing to 18 so better hurry up pedos. :emoji_wink:
    Favourite Superstar & Why: Randy Orton because he's hot!
    But srsly I like him so much because he was the one who made me come and watch wrestling. I find his promos awesome, and his fighting style interesting. Creative is burying hiim up, sadly. He's like a boy lost in the woods, going in no direction.
    How long I've been a fan of wrestling: Nearing 5.
    Favourite Wrestling Company: WWE & TNA. But the Big 'E most of the time.
    How did you find the site? BHR on YouTube.

    Will I be active here: As active as a sloth can be.
  2. ohlawd
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  3. Welcome back Scarlette! :yay:
  4. Welcome back!
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  5. ...the hottest girl on the forums is back!

    Thank you love! <3
  6. You can't leave us ever again! :angry:
  7. Yes Ma'am! :emoji_grin:

    My fave afro guy! dont tell Dat Kid <3 Hi! :emoji_grinning:
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  8. Kia is here?!

    Welcome back, you here to be active? or just randomly coming into creep.

  9. Kia <<<<<<<<<< Me

    A little bit of both. I don't promise to come in everyday, but I'll try!
  10. inb4 Aids [​IMG]
  11. Did you come back about 2 months ago or something like that?
    Anyways, welcome

  12. I came back for WM, but then I got busy and never came back. :emoji_wink:

  13. Welcome back!
  14. Probably your third introduction thread now, lol.

    Welcome back, Hannah!


    Anyway highway, thanks. Hope this one's long term.
  16. D-D-Double Post
  17. Thanks for informing me! :emoji_grin:
  18. I'm always the for my Filipina <3
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  19. And I'm always loyal for my Spaniard. :yay: Because you guys conquered my heart and my country for 300 years!
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