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  1. *The crowd are chatting among themselves during the break with the music playing in the background. When the lights flicker and the music stops. The crowd know the show is back on live and turn their attention to the ring area and the titantron. Unknown music begin to play through the speakers and echo around the arena. The crowd are silent as to not having the slightest of idea what or who this is.

    Out walks from behind the curtain Rhys Cali to a pretty dead crowd who have no idea who this guy is. Cali looks around the arena then looks back at his own titantron video. Cali takes a few seconds to let it sink in before running to the left and right trying to pump up this crowd. Cali does a slight jog down the ramp still trying to pump up this crowd, with very few joining in. Cali slides in under the bottom rope and sprints over to the top rope and taunts it up the crowd. After a good 13 seconds Cali jumps off and gets given a microphone from the outside..... Cali takes a few more seconds to sink in the feeling that he finally made it.*

    Cali: I'm sorry I'm just well, I'm still trying to let this feeling sink in. Imagine sitting in your living room and you hear the call of a life time. This really is unbelievable. I mean my name was on the titantron dude. Being told that a little 5'9 160 lbs guy would never make it in this industry, just makes it all the more sweeter. I may only be 5'9, but honestly right now I feel 10 ft tall. It's crazy as hell dude. and trust me when I say I will not disappear into the shadows. That feeling of pride, excitement, I want you to have that feeling. I want for you to want more. Cause I'm all about excitement and going to that next level. Your excitement is what drives me, it's my oxygen. I will not disappoint, All in or all out is the Cali way. So do it like Cali.

    *Cali puts down the microphone and his theme hits. Cali applauds the crowd and exits the ring. Cali continues to applaud the crowd with even some of the select few cheering back. Cali takes a few more seconds to say his thanks on top of the stage before leaving back stage*

    End of Segment
    OOC: (open)

    Little short, but it is an introduction so aye. Let me know what you think of the promo... Or even the character. I'm dropping the Rhys... So it's just Cali, which just rolls of the tongue tbh. Anyway let me know.

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