Do people still care about Edward Snowden?

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  1. If so here is his Ted Talk, I'm part way through pretty interesting thus far.
  2. Well actually, Edwards Snowden is the least of America's problems in fact the search team has not even tried to bring him here in some while, the leak was bound to happen. Most countries want and have given him a pardon, whether or not the U.S did give him a pardon is still unknown. Edward Snowden won't be prosecuted and that's that. His actions were big and that's about it no ripple affect. You saw a whole bunch of Sony fanboys up in arms about it but that's about it. No revolt, no shit's given after 3 months.
  3. I officially have no idea what the basis of this rant was however saying no shits are given seems to be terrible example of hyperbole I'm sure more people are aware of how their browsing habits are being monitored whether they are acting on that I can't say although checking the traffic stats for Duckgogo seems to indicate people don't like being monitored whilst searching ( ), it's not a huge revolution but people do care enough to change their search engine at least. Knowledge is the key to power not the power itself after all.
  4. I'm saying the shit levels given has gone down rather than ever given.
  5. So why has the traffic for Duckgogo gone up? It's just one part of the puzzle but if people stopped caring or even lowered their care why has this site with one USP of not tracking people's habits traffic increased? I'm overly simplifying the issue admittedly at this moment I'll concede but basic is usually the best don't you agree?
  6. I agree....Seabster
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