Survivor Series Do Raw even have 5 tag teams?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Redboy123@, Nov 8, 2018.

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  1. Not only are we going to see 5 on 5 elimination tag matches for the men's divisions and the woman's division. We are also going to see the tag divisions on Raw and Smackdown have one themselves.

    The Usos and The New Day have been announced on Team Blue. No teams have been announced on Raw's team so far. The tag champions on both brands will not be participating in this match.

    This match is the most one sided matchup in Survivor Series history.

    Do Raw even have have 5 tag teams?

    Let's see...

    1) The Revival

    2) Roode and Gable

    3) The Ascension

    4) The B Team

    5) Slater and Rhyno

    Them are some weak ass teams.

    Oh and Lucha House I guess it's ok.
  2. AOP? Ziggles and Braveheart too
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  3. True. But they won't make up the team.
  4. I think they should get the Young Bucks as a one off like that British guy in the Cruiserweight Classic
  5. Lol braveheart.
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  6. Normally I try not to make racial jokes but I'm disliking Drew as a company suck up and being put over Strowman
  7. That should totally be their tag team name...

    I'd like to see a couple of NXT tag teams make a surprise appearance...
    at least those not involved with the WarGames pay per view.

    Say...Heavy Machinery & The Street Profits?
  8. Bring back Nicholas
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  9. Bring back Sandow man should've never been fired he was the only entertaining thing in 2015-16 imo
  10. Does* Raw even have 5 tag teams...first of all and second does it matter? NO because
    raw is awful. The Creative team has no passion, no effort, just the same boring materiel.
  11. Anything can be funny and people shouldn’t take themselves too seriously. Jokes are all good with me.

    Is drew a suck up though? I know Vince always wanted him as a huge star and it fell through, but now that he’s back and honestly looks better, I think it has a lot to do with Vince just liking him.
  12. *material
  13. *Does

    "Does" is the word you are looking for.
  14. HA!

    Why would care about spelling errors Red?

    Wait...we can point out spelling errors?

    I thought spelling errors didn't matter?

    Can I get some clarification on this?

    I mean I tried to create a thread about it & I
    was bombarded with pointless messages
    filled with spelling errors by some members
    with the brain capacity of a bag of frozen peas.
  15. You know what irony is, right? You are a Monty Python fan after all.

    Nopety nope nope. People responding to someone moaning about grammar, by responding with intentionally bad grammar, obviously has a point behind it lol.
  16. Well he did a interview about the brass ring and it was the polar opposite of Punk's pipebomb
  17. Lio Rush and Lashley
  18. I think so...


    I've never watched any Monty Python ever...

    I do like Faulty Towers & The Young Ones though...

    With the point being some people are just morons?
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  19. Yeah, I liked it though. I thought it brought good heat and showed that Vince favored him and made people hate him more. Should’ve done this with Roman. Lol
  20. There is also Titus Worldwide...they count right?

    They could pair Bray Wyatt back up with Luke Harper if they wanted/had to?

    The entire RAW roster is looking a bit thin at the moment...

    Not only with Reigns out...but Owens, Zayn, Fandango & Goldust are
    all on the shelf as well.

    In fact moving Harper to RAW & teaming him with Bray makes a lot
    of sense simply for the entire roster as a whole.