Do the tag titles even exist anymore?

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  1. Last time I remember seeing them, they looked like pennies(exactly what they mean to Vince) and that red head kid from the Corre and Justin Gabriel held the titles.
  2. Carlito's cousin and brother have them at the moment.
  3. It does outside of WWE somewere!
  4. I think they're actually trying to sort of revamp the devision. Both RAW and SD had tag-team matches. 2 legitimate stars in Kingston and Truth have dropped into the division, in my opinion Chris Hero should hurry up and be introduced.
  5. I feel that nowadays, there's no such thing as Chris Benoit & Edge from 2004, you can't be an uppercard guy and be in the tag team division. Remember when people would hold one of the tag team belts on one shoulder and then there IC title, or WWE title on the other shoulder? Those were the days....
  6. Miz had tag-team title and US Championship, the tag-team was instantly relevant with him tagging with Big Show and Jericho during his time, it wasn't exactly ages ago where the tag-team was interesting/ Jerishow vs DX was great.

  7. Remember TLC 2010, the main event was a TLC match for the tag titles, it was DX vs. Someone.
  8. DX vs Jericho and Big Show I'm sure. Was that the match where Jericho stood on Big Show?
  9. Wasn't it Jerishow?
  10. Ninja'd you ^
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  12. I think it was JeriShow. They need that kind of stuff, they don't even to make it a main event just make the match entertaining! Kofi, Truth, Barrett, Miz and tons of other guys that are out of the title scene should have some good matches.
  13. #Shoots

    Completely agreed - the annoying thing is how easy it is for them to revamp it. The painfully good thing about shoving people like ADR and Sheamus to the main event is they instantly become more credible than the midcard, so those two could easily be used for the tag-team division to add the prestige. Mix tag teams consisting of ADR, Miz, Sheamus, Kingston, Barrett with stars like Chris Hero, Hawkins, Reks, Kidd, Epico, Primo etc and you have a brand spanking new tag-team division looking great.

    They fail to understand how tag-teams can make stars. Edge and Christian, Stone Cold Steve Austin being the biggest example.
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