Do they bring in wrestlers they don't expect to be on the main roster?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Feb 13, 2014.

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  1. Now, obviously not every NXT wrestler will make it to the main roster, but does WWE only sign people to NXT that they eventually hope will be main roster material, or do they bring in enhancement talent that they know will most likely never make it to the big show?

    I mostly ask because I'm watching Colin Cassady vs Aiden English and these two just fucking suck. English is decent in the ring but Cassady is billed at 6'10 and works like he is 5'10. Sells like a chump and his power moves look weak as shit. I can't picture either of these two on the main roster
  2. They probably bring on some talent just to be closer to them and see what they're all about. I'm sure it isn't hard to get rid of them if they're definitely what they hoped, but they probably sign some stars that appear to be awful for a talent they possess or perhaps they think he has potential. I doubt every single wrestler they sign they hope to make the main roster.
  3. That's like asking if every superstar on the main roster is good enough to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.... of course not...there are wrestlers who are relegated to jobber status, midcard, and, of course, the cream of the crop. In comparison, NXT has their blue chip prospects, the people with potential that they are unsure of and are trying out... and the people who get a shot once and are out. They know not everyone they sign to NXT will not move to the main roster... and I'm sure they don't hold out hope that they do.

    The politics of wrestling. lol My opinion.
  4. I guess the real thing I was wondering is do they push superstars that they want to be staples of NXT and not get called up, or do they only push the ones they hope to make the main roster? Because this Aiden English Cassady feud is trash, and I'm wondering which one of those two shitheads they see potential in.
  5. It very well could be they are simply seeing how they would handle an ongoing feud... mic skills, in ring skills, and everything. They could both be cut after the feud is over lol... once again comparing to the main roster... many feuds take place between 2 wrestlers who are jobbers (ex: Fandango/Santino) that will never actually go anywhere and neither wrestlers will get a push afterward. So, in closing, they could just be using them for filler and nothing more.... that's my opinion on that.
  6. Well first off: Don't agree on your opinion on either guy. Cass is green indeed but is one of the more entertaining guys on the entire roster. He's doing well for having only wrestled for just about a year.

    As for your topic: With the performance center they are likely more willing to take chances and making paper signings, especially with people from non wrestling backgrounds. They have the facilities to make them earn their paychecks now if they aren't on TV, plus the possibilities of finding them something else within the machine to do if wrestling isn't for them.
  7. Cass is dreadful in the ring. I haven't seen much of his character admittedly, but he fucking blows between the ropes
  8. He needs work in ring with how to work as a big man, but there's potential in him. I'm willing to cut him some slack considering how long he's been doing it (just about a year or so)

    He's a good talker and and has a good connection with the crowd. He's at his best when teamed with Enzo Amore though.

    I see those two having a real good tag team career.
  9. Cass actually feels like he's overshadowing Enzo at this point, no small feat. The dude's a star in the making.
  10. He got the opportunity when Enzo broke his leg and ran with it. I don't think anyone expected it to go as well as it has.
  11. No, nobody did. Surely he was going to flounder without his mouthpiece, but boy has he ran with it.

    Do you know if they're given WWE promos or writing their own? Can't imagine the 'E writing their stuff.
  12. There were reports early last year that HHH lets them write their own material, or work off of bullet points. They and the writers come up with the theme and then either collaborate or let the guy/girl do their own thing if they have proven they can talk.

    In training I guess they write all their own stuff.
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  13. Dude reminds me of a homeless man's version of 2010 Matt Morgan in the ring. Someone tell the motherfucker he is 6'10 and to start wrestling like it.
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  14. Oh, alright, sweet! They just seem too natural and nuanced to be using full scripts given the little things they do so well. Hope Triple H can bring that to the main roster. It's a much better way of doing things, but since they are using full scripts there why are they giving the NXT crowd bullet points... well... then again, Bray is still writing his own stuff, and the other NXT callups are either not talking or working with someone else and probably learning from them

    As for the OP: I suppose so, because sadly many of the NXT characters just look like they won't work on the main roster (or they'll bring up the gimmick but it won't get a chance to be as naturally endearing as it was on NXT. Isn't that right, Emma?)

    Ringwork you can always improve, unfortunately Big Cass is a long way away as you say. Gimmick-wise, am imagining guys like Aiden English on the main roster and can't imagine Vince/the fans having the patience to let/watch him sing as for long as it takes to get to the ring every week on Raw.
  15. SAWFT
  16. Indeed. The match against English this week he gave him a "club" to the back so soft it looked like Tito Ortiz ground and pound
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  17. Does anyone like this CJ Parker fuck? what a waste of an ep of NXT outside of the Cesaro/Zayn segment
  18. oh shit the Wyatts are gonna fuck him up lol

    this feels way beneath them
  19. CJ Parker is probably my least favourite person on the NXT roster. Everything about him sucks.
  20. Parker is cancer
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