Do we need a cash in at TLC?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Danielson, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Punk out so no wwe championship match. Does something big need to happen at this ppv? How is this ppv going to do without it's champion?
  2. Yeah man, I posted in raw vince's statement to wwe universe. He is out indefinitely and promises ryback get another shot when punk gets back. Team Hell No and ryback vs The Shield is now the main event at TLC
  3. We need a cash in at this PPV or it might be lame
  4. We won't get a cash in.
    John Cena Vs. Ziggler is the Main Event.
    Also, I actually think this is Ziggler's first time ending a PPV.
  5. What if he cashes before the match and screw vinces kafaybe plans
  6. Never thought about that. :vince:

    But if Cena won, I would be done.
    I would be like fuck the shield, fuck this company, fuck vince, ect.
  7. My thoughts exactly. It's time for Dolph to show us what he's got.
  8. I thought about Dolph cashing in before his match, and I believe it's possible. If it happens, I'm 100% sure Cena vs Ziggler will be for the WHC.
  9. If only we could write these scripts. Golden!
  10. DZ cashes in just so they can stick the belt on Cena again, that's what we want right Guys?
  11. Absolutely. It's been far too long now.
  12. I fully expect Dolph to cash in at TLC.
  13. It would be great to see such curve ball, but I hope if they do it, they don't make Dolph reign a 30 minutes reign....

    Cena doesn't need the title ffs