Do you agree or disagree with WWE's logic for not pushing Bryan?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 5, 2014.

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  1. They obviously don't see Bryan as a money-maker most probably because of his size and look, but everything they want in a superstar - reliable, over as fuck, company guy etc., - Bryan has. He literally is the perfect superstar if you disregard his look and height perhaps (in WWE's eyes of course). Do you agree that if they pushed Bryan to the moon and had him win the title in the way all of us thought he should have won it this year that he would be a money-maker for WWE and would bring in ratings?

    I think what most people don't realise is how important merchandise sales are. The main appeal to a superstar that is over is whoring merchandise that you can get kids and the like to buy in STACKS that makes WWE a lot of money. The proof is with Ryder; pushing him was not an option, but whoring merchandise to his loyal fans was.

    Do you, like WWE, agree that superstars like Cena, Orton, and Batista are the money-makers in WWE that should be pushed, or do you think Bryan can make WWE money like those stars can?

  2. Bryan should be pushed but after Mania since his main events were low buy rate PPVs i think him vs Batista or Orton at Extreme Rules will be a great match and he will be over at the time, overall i agree that WWE is working from a business stand point over a Smark stand point
  3. It depends as everyone goes on about merch sales but whose merch are WWE advertising at events and stalls? One would presume Cena's etc... I'm sure if WWE bothered to market Bryan as a true ME star gave him some high quality merch that was advertised and marketed correctly it could and would sell. Course he has struggled with buys as even when pushed they have always kinda crapped on him.
  4. Why don't they take Bryan off of house shows about once or twice a week and have him be on public talk shows like superstars have done in the past is one thing I kind of wonder. He is such a calm and down to Earth person, that I'm sure people will enjoy seeing him talk, then maybe take interest in him and watch WWE some more. That was a bit off topic, but just one way WWE can use him, and make it look better if he was the WWE Champion. He doesn't need a CM Punk type of reign, but he is obviously a main event player that works hard and deserves a decent reign. He can work as WWE Champion for 4-6 months really. He has been built up, the crowd is behind him, he's humble, hard worker, puts on great matches and is fine on the mic.
  5. Agree with the first two, but I actually think DB would bring in more than Batista would, as has proven, Batista's comeback hasn't exactly been well taken at the moment. Personally I think WWE should just go for it, if it doesn't bring in a lot of money straight away, that's not saying it wouldn't further down the line, can't be a bad thing can it?. Surely wouldn't they be better taking a gamble, because at the moment it seems like he's the champion the fans want, and because I feel if given a proper stint with the belt, he will be a great champion, and then they just might attract new fans from people that already watch it, and through word of mouth say how good he is etc to mates, and get them to watch it, and I feel he's the type of guy who could attract new fans who watch and episode and then get hooked on WWE.
  6. I dont think hes not being pushed, infact I Love the major push he is getting. Hes the PG era Austin right now who every one wants as champ but is being held back by the man.
  7. I'm gonna agree.

    You see, the more he doesn't get what he deserves, the more support he's gonna get and the more people are going to see the Authority as the bad guys. Sure, They may hate the Company but It's helping Bryan by having the fans support him more and when They feel he has the most support then I guess they'll have him win the WWE title.
  8. I don't agree with your theory that WWE isn't planning to push dick butt
  9. this
  10. I wouldn't really think he's supposed to be Austin. It reminds me way too much of the Mankind situation from late '98 to early '99, Bryan playing Mankind.
  11. Yea that works too, the Austin thing was just first thing that came to mind either way I think this is all part of WWEs plan.
  12. Good point, but we've seen this before, and it's not like a major faction or something is on Bryan's side. It's just Bryan, and if Bryan did win in the long run, it would make sense, especially if he won clean, but knowing how they've been booking the Authority, I imagine it's going to be similar to the Mankind situation.
  13. I think if you look in terms of him winning, and carrying the company by having the title he isn't being "pushed" but he is getting looks in the main event, and involved in the best story lines. He's fine right now imo.
  14. The DB topic again. To start off, I feel that DB should be the face of WWE as of right now. He has the whole package--he sells stuff well, wins over crowds, and puts on amazing matches; in addition, he's easily likeable.
    Will he be a money maker for WWE and pull in ratings? Well, he does that now, at least to my knowledge. So my answer is "YES!" he will pull in ratings and make money. Does this mean that DB will be the biggest of all time in both categories and sell even more when he headlines most events? No. They need to take a slight gamble and see what happens. They've had to do this with every bigger superstar. Let him have his run at the top for a while, give him decent merchandise, and let the crowd react. They act like this can't happen lol
    DB can make money like those stars can. Cena, Orton, and Dave all make money because WWE (mainly Triple H and Vince) decided to keep throwing them in main events, work on their character, push bigger storylines, face bigger superstars, etc. They need to do this with Bryan and let him have some success.

    Also, merchandise isn't always big as you may think. Batista has been failing as a face, yet Triple H lets him come back and win the Rumble and looks to win at Mania. You mean to tell me Triple H let Batista win the Rumble so fast because Merchandise has and will fly off the shelf? He's in the "buddy" system.
  15. Bare with me. I'm not feeling too well so if i'm all over the place and you don't understand something I stated qoute me and i'll try to explain.

    It's obvious that Daniel does deserve a shot at the WWE championship but after all that disapointment at the royal rumble. i don't see Bryan up in the spotlight in another two years when Batista is hopefully gone. Batistia is WWE's Golden boy and it's sickening when it's clear that you have a god given talent right infront of you.

    Does Bryan deserve to be pushed up? Yes.

    Do I think he will?. No.

    Not until all the drama WWE is having is over and that won't be for a very long time.
  16. You think WWE hold Daniel Bryan in the same regard as Batista and company when it comes to making WWE money? It's no secret that size genuinely is a factor for WWE and smaller guys don't make Cena-territory. I'm surprised in your optimism for WWE booking that you think this apparent disregard for what the fans want is an elaborate plan to slow-push him and keep fans interested.
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  17. Lol remember when D'z was optimistic after Zigglers match with ADR :dawg:
  18. well, that's what I think happened.

    I've thought he was getting a big Mankia match all along, and most people are thinking be goes over HHH at this point
  19. Idk who you are lol

    stupid phone no sigs or avatars

    Ziggler booking is nonsense, can't blame myself for being excited even in retrospect
  20. HHH putting over Bryan? That wouldn't happen, even if HHH was injured.
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