Do you agree with Cena when he says the current roster is getting towards it once was?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. I'm paraphrasing here but in his interview with Austin I recall him saying something like the current roster is getting back to how good it was back in the day. I'm assuming he's talking about the roster of Angle, Lesnar, Cena, etc., so do you agree? How good is this roster compared to recent years?

    Also, for the amount of hate Cena gets, he does a great job putting over younger stars in these interviews and promos. You can tell he's genuinely pleased with the success that has come to Daniel Bryan and the success that is likely to come to stars like Cesaro, Shield, and The Wyatt's.
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  2. Wrestling wise, I think it's at it's peak. There are plenty of good wrestlers on the rosters of many styles. Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Antonio Cesaro, John Cena(fuck all you haters), Cody Rhodes, Alberto Del Rio, and others. In terms of characters, I don't think it's anywhere near the Attitude Era. or even Ruthless Aggression though. Sure you have silly characters like Fandango, Three Man Band, Xaivers Woods etc. And serious different characters like Bray Wyatt, Usos, Shield etc. But still, the midcard doesn't get the push that they did during the Attitude Era. They can't even hold down two midcard divisions that they could do during Attitude Era(IC/European). That plays more of the factor why I don't think the roster is at that level.

    I think if they were booked better, than the roster would definitely show that it was as good as it was back in the day. Until they start pushing teams better and pushing both midcard divisions, then it won't really be at that level, although the roster no doubt has that potential.
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  3. Yes the talent is definitely there... but are Vince and HHH going to utilize them correctly? That's the real question. As far as comparing today's talent to the AE or even shortly after it... that can't be done because back then the wrestlers had more freedom to do what they wanted to to an extent, much more freedom than today's wrestlers do. They had much more input into their characters, integrating their own personalities a lot of times. Punk with his pipebombs (although most, but not all, of those were scripted) and Wyatt with his self-written promos are the only 2 examples I can think of that compare.

    I am hoping eventually that Vince and HHH will loosen up and let things flow a little more... but in the PG Era that will never happen... go by the script or don't perform. To me that holds back the talent that is currently available to the WWE. My opinion.. thanks for reading!
  4. I think we're on the verge of having every bit the roster that was available in the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras.

    I also have faith that HHH/Vince/whoevs will use the talent to their best advantage. Does that mean I'll enjoy everything they do or that they won't make mistakes? No. But I think they'll do the right thing more often than they do the wrong thing. That's what we've seen for the last couple of years, more good than bad.

  5. Brand split pls.
  6. I can see see the roster getting better, but half of them would end up being horribly misused.
  7. Its getting there definitely and people are very aware of this. I think this is one of the reasons Batista return has gone about as well as a wet fart. There are lots of guys on the roster who are hungry for success who bust a gut week in week out for the company and want to be in the ME. Plenty of them deserve the chance as well and if WWE play there cards right this could be a stacked roster if they give people the time and pushes.
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  8. the potential is there but they are a long ways out
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  9. The roster has the potential to be all star quality.
  10. We are definitely in one of those periods where we're really transitioning into another era, just like Cena mentioned in his promo a couple of weeks ago on Raw. We have on one hand a huge influx of newer stars on the rise (Reigns, Ambrose, Wyatt, Bryan, Cesaro, Rollins, Big E, Cody Rhodes, etc.) and on the other hand a handful of reliable veterans (Cena, Orton, Show, Kane, Henry, Goldust, Christian, and as far as the part-timers go, HHH, Lesnar, Undertaker, etc.) who still have a lot to give and who can give a rub to some of the younger talent. It's a perfect, healthy balance of talent and the future at the moment is looking pretty bright.
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  11. It's been A LOT better ever since Zack Ryder and AJ Lee joined the roster.
  12. :mog:
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  13. Oh great, another guy that is CLEARLY jealous Zack Ryder.
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  14. clearly.
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