Do you agree with Cornette's views on ECW?

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  2. He is right on the part where he says ECW will be remembered for extreme and hardcore matches, and how the wrestlers got injured for little to no money. That's what ECW what, hardcore wrestling, even the logo was bloody and a razor. Honestly, that's just what it was, if you ask anybody about the original ECW that's what they'll tell you most of the time, it was extreme, because that was the product. It also was kinda stupid and unfair that the wrestlers did all this, for scraps of money. If they were to get a serious life threatening injury, ECW most likely would not have been able to pay for it, and Heyman would be in even deeper shit then what has happened.
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  3. If it's the video I remember, yeah. When it becomes normal for someone to be put through the glass tables with the aids-infected hypodermic needles underneath with a Chokeslam, a Chokeslam on a mat feels weak and ridiculous. They pushed it too much, and there's also what Farooq said that they got very little money.
  4. He's right. ECW was a fail.
  5. The Attitude Era was inspired by ECW so...
  6. The Attitude Era did everything right, that ECW did wrong.
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  7. (Just realized how awesome it would be to stick :cornette: on top of :yes: and have it yell "Fuck This Company")

    Agree with the point that you can't do injury angles anymore after seeing all these guys put themselves through barbed-wire flaming tables and whatnot. Even those of us who've seen DVD's of ECW/AE stuff like this can't believe people being injured by stuff like simple slams off of stages.
  8. ECW was far from a fail as a company if you look around and seek out interviews from wrestlers associated with it they loved it and enjoyed the product they put on. Plenty if good wrestlers came through the ECW ranks ECW helped introduce the Lucha style of wrestling to many as well. Hell Rey Mysterio took part in ECW. Not sure how you can say the company failed it wanted to bring unique styles of wrestling through it did yes it had a hardcore theme but there was so much more to it. As a business it failed but again in interviews this is admitted as being Heymans shortcoming and he accepts he made rash and unwise monetary decisions.
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  9. Pretty much agree with what everyone else said here so nothing much more to add. ECW was a bit too much ahead of what was seen to be 'right'.

    Maybe the issues addressed here was the reasons why it closed/merged or whatever?
  10. I agree with Cornette somewhat, but most of the problems he's blamed on ECW (like saying it desensitized people so much that it now takes almost three or four chair shots to get even half the reaction that one chair shot used to get) would have ended up happening anyway.

    It's an example of the business (and things in general) changing and evolving, not always for the better. It's just like movies - they're as violent as they've ever been. In fact, people laugh at films that are a lot older because everything back then (if you go far back enough) looks so tamed compared to the amount of violence and gore that they're used to seeing now. It's just like sex in movies too, where back then, seeing a woman half naked could get a shocked response from the audience. Now look at what you see. It works the same way in wrestling - things that used to be more of a rarity are gonna end up being used in a much more abundant quality. It's almost unavoidable as time goes on, although ECW definitely helped speed up the process.

    As for ECW, it never would have lasted with the type of product they put out. Like Vince said on the Rise And Fall Of ECW DVD, you can do the hardcore and more physical stuff on an off/on basis but doing it every night and being what the entire product advertises and presents is gonna catch up to you. Unless ECW evolved into a normal wrestling product over time, I don't believe for a second that they would still be around today, even if Paul Heyman had all the financial backing in the world back then. Even then, it helps to remember they appealed to a small, niche part of the audience. They could have never competed with WWE once the company went public either, because going public was largely done as the best way to compete with a media giant like Ted Turner, who owned WCW.

    You can't deny the impact though, which is even more telling considering they didn't exactly have the advertisement and global reach that WWE and WCW did, who traveled the country and the world to get the audience they did, and also had several generations of history behind them, whereas ECW came and went in under a decade.
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  11. What the fuck is some people's problem with calling ECW a fail? Paul Heyman is a fail of a bussinesman, nobody else. And yeah, the WWE's so called "Attitude Era" was indeed inspired by the ECW edgy hardcore TV, which WWE themed "Atittude" - lol.

    ECW will go down as a legendary company that produced something new and special, never seen before, regardless of people liking or disliking the hardcore wrestling. And I give the credit where credit is due. I loved ECW and re-watch some of the awesome stuff like Raven-Dreamer, Awesome-Tanaka and RVD-Lynn to this very day.

    And Cornette? He's a fuckin ass muncher and the reason ROH is totally fucked up for 4 years now, why would I agree with a piece of shit like him? Fuck that fucking guy, he probably went down on some sheep in Ohio while trying to get OVW guys to a ROH show.
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