Do you agree with Hardy being champion?

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  1. Just so you know this thread is purely for discussion purposes, not my opinions.

    There's quite a bit of fuss online about Hardy being champion because of his recent history, where he turned up to Victory Road in an absolute state and yeah we all know what happened. Do you think it's right someone who undoubtedly let the company down is now champion and the top guy in TNA? Do you think it's right he won it against arguably the stand out performer of this year (with Roode) who earned his rise to fame in Austin Aries?

  2. I understand that they want Hardy as champ from a business standpoint. He is their biggest draw at the moment (even with Hogan and Sting on the roster) and their biggest merchandise seller. A title reign was inevitable. With his contract coming closer and closer to a close I understand that they want him to resign to not lose that big a revenue source.

    He also seems to have really grabbed a hold of this second chance he has and isn't trying to fuck up again, like his big brother.

    From a company and roster standpoint I feel skeptical though. I feel skeptical on if Jeff has what it takes to be a locker room leader which the champ needs to be, especially since his contract is to expire soon. Would he really put effort into leading and representing the locker room if he was about to leave? Then again I am not sure on Aries's ability as locker room leader either since reports say some people in the locker room don't like him. I'd prefer some homegrown talent like Roode or Storm in that position. Everyone in the locker room reportedly likes them.
  3. It doesn't bother me.
  4. The Victory Road thing is a non-issue, the guy seems to have cleaned up his act and is the most motivated he's been in TNA. Bravo, Jeff. You deserve credit for that.

    That being said, this was a business decision and should be treated as such. It seems like Hardy was named #1 contender so they can put posters up in the Phoenix area and movie theaters across the world, and people can say "Hey, I remember Jeff Hardy! He was the guy who jumped off of shit, he was so cool in the Attitude Era! Think I'll watch this... uh... TNA show tonight!". What did they think of him winning? Which would do a better job keeping these fans around: Watching this impressive unknown go over an AE legend, or watching their old hero win? I honestly don't know, we'll see when the ratings come out. (The crowd reaction to Hardy at BFG worries me though)

    (Maybe the show quality as a whole could draw those guys to watching Impact if they can find when it's on, if they get Spike TV at all)

    As for my opinions... The thing I really hate was Aries' title reign. He really didn't feel like a champion at all, he got sucked into Aces and Eights... At least Roooooode gets another shot with Hardy being champ.
  5. I'm not that fussed, I just hope they haven't taken the title off Aries just to make Hardy a little happier.
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  6. What do we need to agree on? They want him to stay with the company.
  7. My first reaction was negative, I have no problems admitting that. To me, it didn't make sense from a storyline perspective, considering the way Aries has been built up since entering the main event scene: his feud with Roode, the A&8s story, then the Aries-Hardy feud, which seemed rushed and inconsistent to me.

    Thinking about it, though, my feeling is that TNA's writing/booking have been strong recently (with a few exceptions), so I'm willing to see what happens next.

  8. Aries should have kept the belt
  9. Yeah of course i agree with Hardy being champion. He's ex WWE, old as hell, and an inebriant. He fits TNA's criteria perfectly. Why would we want to keep it on the guy who was gaining so much popularity
  10. Yes. He was one of my favourites as a child, it's nice to see him still succeed in wrestling. I hope it's not the end of AA though.
  11. :isee: :win:
  12. Nope. Jeff Hardy seems interesting to me, plus both him and Aries put on an entertaining match. Despite it being for Hardy to be happy and stay with the company, I think he deserves it for years and years putting his body on the line and making stuff entertaining. I feel bad for Aries though, since he got a short reign and is a great worker as well. I hope though this sets up Bobby Roode though to be line, I think a great match would be Roode vs Aries vs Hardy for the TNA championship, elimination style falls count anywhere. Probally never happen, but I hope for it :yay:
  13. I don't neccesarily agree with him being the champion on personal level because I'm not a mark of his, but I can live with it because I understand it from business point. And it is a very good business decision, and all what matters in business ARE the good decisions. But like Hogan said, you can always put the belt on Roode, he's so good right now.
  14. Some good answers in here, pretty much sums up my opinion on it too. I agree Rain, I was disappointed with Aries' reign. He's a very very talented guy but you can't say his reign was nearly as entertaining as Roode's was, but I don't think Aries is that far away from Roode's talent. It did feel rushed and the spotlight really didn't seem to be on Aries for any of it, that's what I am mainly disappointed about. Hardy winning is fine, I'm a fan of his and I completely understand them wanting him as the face of the company, but Aries' reign could have been so much better.

    It will be interesting though if Jeff doesn't resign. Have they given him the title to persuade him to resign? Or have they given him the title to milk as much money and publicity as they can from their biggest star before he goes?

    Either way, his theme is amazing so I'm happy.
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  15. Aries's reign was fairly decent imo. He held the title 3 months, featured heavily vs. Roode and Aces & Eights, slightly less vs. Harvey, but went into the biggest PPV of the year as the MAN, main evented and defended the title against one of the biggest stars in professional wrestling, put on 4 star match and proved he's an amazing badass athlete.
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