Do you believe in capital punishment?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Danielson, Oct 12, 2013.

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  1. Which is the execution of prisoners. Do you think it can justify crimes committed? I'm interested to see what others feel about this.
  2. If someone has life or multiple life sentences and have committed horrible crimes then yes. Why should they be a drain on resources that could be used on rehabilitating someone who needs it.
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  3. The morality of it just doesn't sit well with me. I'm debating whether or not it's okay to go an eye for an eye.
  4. I definitely do believe in it. If they have committed crimes like murder, then yes. I still think keeping them in 2x4 cells and giving them the minimum amount of food and water to survive and periodically torture them is better though.....If their crimes are bad enough.
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  5. Eye for an eye is natural. If someone breaks my arm, I'm going to make sure their arm will be cracked over my knee as soon as possible.

    It's the natural way of saying "Don't do things to people that you don't want to happen to you".
  6. I think you throw away your right to be treated like a person when you behave like an animal. At that point morals don't apply to you. Of course I'm speaking of the most heinous of crimes, such as murder, rape, or any type of mistreatment of children.
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  7. I understand where you're coming from, but a part of me doesn't think that we should put anyone to death. To touch on your $ issue that you have with it. It actually costs more money to perform an execution than it would be for a life long prison sentence. I think it's estimated to cost around $2,000,000 to take a life away, on the other hand $500,000 for a life sentence. They have to pay for council, fees, appeals, maximum security. It's more costly, but that's not my issue. I don't understand the satisfaction a person could get by simply killing someone. I know that If someone I knew was murdered, i'd want to murder them. If I look at it from the outside, I feel like we should strive for something more.
  8. I'm on the fence with capitol punishment. If we're talking about (mass-) murder, on the one hand, taking their life seems too quick and easy compared to the life of torment they've set out for the family of the victims. But on the other hand, taking their life ensures they'll never be able to commit the crimes again. If the prison they're kept in were to have a huge disaster and most of the high-profile prisoners escaped, then that's more people at risk.

    Sure, you could argue that spending time in isolation could sometimes cure an ill mind, but it's more often the psychotic stay psychotic, and if given a second chance would do the only thing they could: kill, rape or maim. Repeat the process.
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  9. I told you: Life imprisonment and periodic torture.
  10. If I'm an outsider looking in, and I'm at the jurors table, I have a real hard time sentencing someone to die.
  11. No.

    The PPV was awful.

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  12. I have a feeling you were in the Bush administration....
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  13. Ignore her, she talks to plastic dolls. Admittedly
  14. The amount of give of fucks I can give for murderers lifes'...are very low.
  15. I believe the death penalty should only be enforced if a criminal kills another. And, I believe that the death penalty should ALWAYS be enforced if a criminal commits murder. WAPAM!
  16. Bush is a prick...

    Well for some of it, I believe in Capital punishment, but sometimes I don't think a punishment like that is very needed. If someone had a psychological episode once and they killed someone, yeah it is bad and I don't say they should just go around free roaming, but in a case like that I don't believe in capital punishment. I think what that person would need is to be put in an insane asylum. Although in a case where this guy is a mass killer and has killed/raped many people, and really doesn't seem to care maybe it is a case where Capital punishment is needed, because if he's done it without regrets he can easily do it again. But I do think before we would automatically execute someone we would have to think about life in prison too, but then that really makes me think whether Capital Punishment is needed for anything. Life in prison would be just as worse if not more worse, the only thing to think about is if they escape and then get caught again maybe Capital punishment is the only option you'll have, which doesn't happen often. So I am really on the edge with this thing, sometimes Capital Punishment can be necessary, but sometimes life in prison/insane asylum can do the trick.
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  18. Good input, still on the fence myself.
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  19. Unless they prove he/she has killed five or more people I wouldn't kill him.
  20. Thanks m8. Generally where I come from its immediate capital punishment for anything (Nigeria not Canada) which is part of the reason I'm unsure. Although I am not a huge "eye for an eye" mentality many people use in this world which is part of the reason I don't really believe in Capital Punishment also. So I guess we're all on the fence, haha
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