Do you believe in the "Illuminati Conspiracy"

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  1. It's a weird question but yeah you've all heard about it, once or twice, some of you may believe it, and some of you may not. So the question remains, although there's various of evidence and videos on the Internet confirming the existence of the Illuminati I must request a brief explanation from the ones who doesn't believe in it.

    Here I'll show you a couple of short videos that'll get you started: (To answer the question, yes I do believe in the existence of the Illuminati)

    (Eminem "speaks" to the devil about his soul, and that he wants it back)

    (The Music Industry exposed, everything about just everything, worth watching trust me)

    (Title says it all, Katy Perry, Kanye West and Eminem admits that they've sold their soul to the "devil" aka the Illuminati.)

    (Different artists sings about selling their soul to the devil)

    And finally, what is the Illuminati?

    Please keep this thread clean out of spam, I know this is the Locker Room but I'm trying to have a serious discussion/debate and if you'd like to spam then please keep it out of this thread.
  2. I am the Illuminati. And rejects like Kanye and Katie Perry are not welcome in my conspiracy :bury:
  3. Seriously...
  4. In all seriousness I do not believe in the illuminati and think the Dan Brown books are the sole reason they are "on the map" today. Plus. Why would people like Katie Perry and Kanye West be part of a conspiracy that supposedly consists of world leaders and such?

    Off Topic: You post in the locker room and don't expect comedic replies? Welcome to the internet then.
  5. I don't know, these Illuminati videos make some correct points in theory, but I just don't know. Are they planning something for the next World Cup or the 2016 Olympics? Because if they are, I'm screwed.
  6. Anyone who does his homework can write up shit like this. I say this is the work of one or more jackasses out to scare people to get their jollies.
  7. :facepalm1:

    So Eminem, Snoop, Katiy Perry and all of the artists that admits it, are just "jackasses" that wants to scare people right?
  8. Some people have too much time on their hands.

    Coincidences, every single one of them.

    What'sthe song that plays around the 3 minute mark called by the way? A great song for producing videos but I don't know the name of it :emoji_slight_frown:
  9. Eminem vs. Illuminati, that's just a song Eminem wrote to the Illuminati, not something people have done, it's just to prove that they exist, what do you have in defence for this one?
  10. No, they are uneducated on the core of the subject like most who discuss it.

    There are no bulletproof proof that the Iluminati exists and if people believe what a group of celebrities who pander to tabloid press as their main way to get noticed apart from their work then that makes it even more unlikely.
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  11. I meant 3 minute mark of the bottom video, should've made that clear.

    It'll just be something that he believes in, he's taken all sorts of drugs I imagine so he might've just hallucinated or something.

    I think that these people are just paranoid and they need to find a reason for everything that happens in life.
  12. This. Most people who believe in the Illuminati are paranoid and cannot take that life sometimes get hard and against them and has to blame a outside source. What better then "world-spanning conspiracy focused on world control"? Especially if you are somewhat succesfull. "Oh my new record didn't sell well and my wife left me and my stock plummeted. Iluminati out to get me!"
  13. There is more proof that it exists than that it doesn't, look around you, the international stars are sending you messages through their songs and they're very clear yet you don't believe any of it.

    Education or not, buddy, why would they lie about it? Your post regarding mine doesn't make any sense at all, tell me why would Katy say she sold her soul to the devil, and why would Eminem make a song versus the "devil", why is the all seeing eye on the back of the dollar bill?

    There's so much proof, just turn on the TV and slowly replay the daily cartoons and you'll see the symbols.

    All of the other artists have also "hallucinated" right? Katy Perry saying she sold her soul to devil because she didn't succeed is also some kind of "hallucination" am I right?
  14. The reason that there is more proof for it than against it is because those who do not believe in it can't be bothered wasting time and effort trying to prove believers wrong when they will never change their mind.

    As for the last bit, what Stopspot said..

  15. I already answered what he said, his posts aren't making any sense to me, I'm already showing you bulletproof proof and all he's saying is "hallucinations" it really doesn't make any sense to me, he's also saying that they're doing this to get noticed which also doesn't make any sense to me in the slightest.

    Seriously if you have "bulletproof proof" that the Illuminati doesn't exist then please show me so I can review it for you.
  16. what exactly is the Illuminati? I dont want to watch the youtube video cause it has scary music :emoji_slight_frown:
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  17. It's interesting to read it.
    Some things are plain simple and others are hard to believe.
    I really don't know what to think about it.

    Messages in songs when you play them backwards.. Scary. :silva:
  18. No. It's utter nonsense.
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  20. Idk what it is nor do i care. Conspiracy theorists get on my nerves
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