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  1. We catch up with Will Ferrara
    Q: Give us a little background on yourself and your up bringing. What was it like for Will Ferrara growing up? Put over any family, any tough up bringing, good, bad, doesn't matter.

    A: I'm an only child that has lived on the same street in Queens, NY my whole life. I was big into comic books & video games growing up, which I thank my parents for providing. I just had to keep up my end of the bargain by getting good grades and being a good person.

    Q: When did you first notice professional wrestling?

    A: I first noticed professional wrestling in elementary school, by the t-shirts and conversations with my friends & classmates. After a few "pretty pleases", my parents let me watch pro wrestling for the first time It was April 2000, I was in the 4th grade.

    Q: As a youngster loving professional wrestling, when did it click that this was something you wanted to do? And what did you do to start taking those steps?

    A: I always dreamed of one day becoming a wrestling but I had no idea how to start. The opportunity to begin just fell on my lap one day. I remember reading an article in Raw Magazine interviewing Matt Striker, and he mentioned he was trained in Brooklyn, at Gleason's Gym. I looked up the address, my mom drove me there and I spoke with Johnny Rodz, the WWE Hall Of Famer who ran wrestling classes at the gym. After a lengthy interview he said if I can get a parent's signature I can begin training immediately. I did that & I started training 2 days later, I was only 14 years old.

    Q: How did you first notice Ring of Honor and what was your reaction?

    A: Once I began training as a pro wrestler, I was opened up to a whole new world of wrestling outside of the WWE bubble I lived in as a fan growing up. Ring Of Honor stood out to me for having some of the most exciting matches I ever seen. So many matches were innovative, unpredictable and had a big-fight feeling.

    Q: What prompted you to seek out the Ring of Honor training center?

    A: I saw the link to my first Ring Of Honor Training Camp via a Facebook post from their page. I was hungry for opportunity and I signed up immediately and attended my first camp in August 2012.

    Q: What were you feeling prior to your initial Future of Honor training seminar?

    A: I felt like I needed to branch out from where I was wrestling at the time, and surround myself with people who are better than me and who I can learn from. I was nervous heading into my first seminar, I really wanted to impress and earn an opportunity.

    Q: Did anything stick out to you during the seminar that made you feel this was the best thing for you?

    A: The personalized feedback the coaches gave me changed the game for me, and I noticed that after only 1 day. Then when the second day was over I was looking a wrestling a completely different way than I did before attending the camp. If I changed so much in 2 days, then I knew I found the best thing for me.

    Q: Now we've heard stories of you driving yourself to numerous ROH live events just to assist on the production end, what was the motivation for this?

    A: I wanted to be apart of Ring Of Honor and I wanted to prove that there wasn't anyone who wanted it as much as I did. Even if there was just an 0.01% chance of getting an opportunity at an ROH show by showing up and helping out, then I had to be at every one.

    Q: Tell us about the emotions related to finding out that you were booked for your first live event.

    A: It was one of the proudest moments of my life to find out I was wrestling for ROH for the first time. It made all those long drives feel worth it, that's for sure. Being able to wrestle my 1st ROH match at the Manhattan Center during the biggest wrestling weekend of that year, is something I will never forget.

    Q: Since your debut, you have faced a lot of the top talent in Ring of Honor. Does one moment stick out above all the most?

    A: Going toe to toe with the Briscoes at the first Future Of Honor show will always stand out to me. It was the first test I faced going against top stars of Ring Of Honor, and it was the match in which I proved to myself that I was ready to take the next step in ROH.

    Q: We got word that you attended the most recent ROH training camp/seminar. We were told there was a moment where you were performing with another attendee and you had the whole building rocking. Can you fill us in on this and how you felt during this?

    A: I felt comfortable and confident in the ring, which is a full circle of difference from the way I felt about my first seminar performance. The ovation that I received was very humbling and appreciated. Through the course of the last 2 years, it means the world to have earned the respect of the coaches and camp attendees.

    Q: What would you say to anyone who is looking to attend a future Ring of Honor training camp/seminar?

    A: I would say that if you want to become a better pro wrestler than there isn't a better choice you can make. Stop making excuses, and take a step in the right direction. I did, I and my life hasn't been the same since.

    Q: What are your long term goals in Ring of Honor?

    A: I want to earn the respect of my locker room peers and the Ring Of Honor fans. My time in ROH is just beginning, and I want to be known as someone who works hard every time, and never stops bringing the fight. I'm willing to step into the ring with anyone and prove it.

    Q: Any closing words for the fans of Ring of Honor?

    A: Thank you for your continued support. Keep watching Ring Of Honor TV every week, and keep attending ROH live events and I will give you all everything I have to excite and entertain.

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