Do you celebrate Halloween?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Oct 4, 2015.

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  1. I personally don't. Shockingly enough, I enjoy Cosplay but Halloween has like no appeal to me. I did the whole trick or treating as a kid but I haven't went out of my way to do anything for the holiday since I was 15 and went to a party. Guess it is just not my cup of tea.

    I plan on sitting inside playing video games all Halloween evening.
  2. Nope. It's a waste of time.
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  3. Amen.
  4. Best holiday of the year. Anything that gives people an excuse to throw parties and dress slutty is fine by me.
  5. wut

    I mean

  6. I'd rather go to Comic-con. At least they are for the most part sober.
  7. Comic'con is the most rapey place I've ever heard about. I can't imagine how sad it must be to see all of those poor girls trying to swim in the sea of handsy virgins. fucking disgusts me
  8. You haven't been to one have you? A lot of people who go are in couples, married even. The only handsy virgins are the underage kids there with their parents. You'd find more perverts at a Halloween party if you as me.
  9. I steal people pumpkins
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  10. Halloween parties yea
  11. I'm all up for a halloween party, but we don't have halloween over here in Sweden aside from the parties. We do All Hallows Eve instead which is more "let's remember the people who have died" rather than "trick or treat". Doesn't stop the decorations from being sold but the parties have to be a deciding factor in that.
  12. We do not celebrate it in England really it is more of a American thing, I do like watching horror films on the night of it though.
  13. I remember once of the last times I had a pumpkin, I think I was 13 maybe, and it got smashed in the front yard. I was so pissed about it. Stealing them seems like a better option. At least you don't see it broken and have to clean up the mess lol
  14. Yeah it seems to be an American thing other countries sort of just adapted bits from. Do they dress up for these parties? I went to school with someone from Sweden but he never celebrated Halloween, it makes sense now to me haha
  15. Do certain channels broadcast them or you just watch them online? I can't recall all the channels but we have quite a few who do halloween themed things all month.
  16. Certain channels usually show a horror film on the night(main channels) also I have a lot of horror/thriller films anyway as it is one of my fav genres
  17. That's cool. I personally think it has gone overboard here in the states. They flood the TV channels with the stuff... But then again, they do this for Christmas too. I am not much into horror but I can appreciate movies and books like the Shining.
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