Do you consider age a factor in being an adult?

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  1. I don't.

    I have met the most immature and childish people in their 30's and beyond but at the same time, met some teens who acted more like adults than their parents. I feel like age is just a number (when it comes to maturity of the mind) and the average 18 year old is far from an "adult".

    If we are talking purely on physical form, yes I can see age being a factor but as far as actions, thinking, and how people generally are... I don't factor in age.
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  2. Nope. I dated an 19 year old recently not even realising her age until a couple of months in haha. I thought she was in her late 20's.That either makes me immature or her really mature? I imagine the former haha.
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  3. I am 28 and have met people more smarter and on the know then me, on the other hand I have met some right idiots who or below my age. It depends on the person imo
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  4. No. As it's already been stated above, it depends on the person.
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  5. Yeah I look at 21 as being an adult.
  6. Mentally speaking?
  7. Just in general. 18 is technically but 18-19 is still also technically teenage years. And 20 is the golden year in between lol.
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  8. Mentally speaking, age is largely just a number. You can say that humans grow wiser as the years pass on, but by how much and whether it affects their mental state and personality in any significant way is totally dependent on the individual. You'll find young people who have the maturity of a grown adult, and you'll find old(er) people who have the maturity of a teenager, either in selective ways or in general.

    I personally detest this idea that everyone is expected to be "a certain way" after they've reached a certain age.
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  9. You just like um young

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  10. My friend, He's only 24, But judging on his sincerty in things and Maturity. If any one were to talk to him and listen to his conversations, Mostly bout Coffee and GOD, U would think he's older tham 24!
    Im 25 and I still shock ppl with my age. And partly my height may be involved to some degree. Im 4'10. :emoji_slight_frown: They think im around 17/18. I hv days where I act immature, But mostly I try to stay Mature. Lol. Because of my height, I feel like ppl view me as a Young Teen. Alot of much Older Ppl do like me, though. Especially the ones in Church..
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