Do You Even Bench Bro?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Jan 3, 2016.

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  1. Do you workout?

    If yes - What does your workout consist of? Do you focus on a set routine or just go with what ever you feel like needs the most work? How about cardio... you in to that?

    If no - (734) 930-3030
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  4. I pick up heavy shit all day. I'm on that rocky 4 type bulk. Fuck with me boi
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  5. Too high to work out most of the time. lel
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  6. I guess. I have a flurry workout week, and then I stop. I never get fat, so my main purpose is to gain muscle. So doesn't bother me.

    I have social anxiety so I do regular exercises mixed with some household weight lifting.
  7. Not into the gym, getting a job back in Manufacturing to get my bulk on.
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  8. I wank my cock everyday and have big arms :joeyryan:
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  9. This thread needs more action. Like midgets with capes being shot out of cannons and drum solos by hot chicks in tank tops.
  10. I have the basic routine with a 5 day split though. 5 days a week minimum working out.


    I do those days twice usually, but sometimes if a particular body part is worked out extremely then I take an extra rest day. I deadlift and squat on different days before any gym-nuts ask that.

    Currently bulking so not enjoying the extra body fat, but it's winter (you know nothing, Jon Snow) and the extra warmth is appreciated. This thread needs more love.
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    As some members might be aware, I am a diagnosed obsessive compulsive so it is not hard for me to stick to my routine. If I deviate from it, I become paranoid and aggravating. I've worked out on and off all of my life but I truly became dedicated to it about 6 months before I hit 40. Karate I have done regularly since 2008.

    I work out five days a week in this manner:

    Monday: Off

    Tuesday: This is my first of three FULL WORKOUT days of the week. My full workout is Walk one mile to the gym. Do 50 minutes of cardio on the elliptical which equals 7.5 miles. Bench 130, curl 40 with each arm, tricep press 140, butterfly press 120, squat 240, shoulder press 120, 300 sit ups. I also practice my karate for 30 minutes before walking one mile back home.

    Wednesday: This is one of two cardio only days of the week. Walk one mile to gym, same cardio as above, 300 sit ups, Karate, mile walk home.

    Thursday : Full workout

    Friday: Off

    Saturday: Full workout

    Sunday: Cardio workout

    I have to keep looking good for @Prince Bálor because I'm a bit older than he is :emoji_wink:
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  12. Yeah, I don't mind that you're only 5 years older than me, brotherjackwife. Age is just a number. :Littlefinger:
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  13. Working out stoned is pretty legit. I enjoy waking up early, toking up and going out for a jog. Very relaxing.
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  14. I was benched all the time in gym class....
    Wait... That's not what we were talking about right?

    I work out a lot in periods. I get into a routine, stick to it for a few months, then something happens and I fall off the wagon for a bit (a job that involves a lot of traveling doesn't help). It's easier in the summer months since I do enjoy running.

    With my recent move I now have a 2.6k walk to the trainstation to the take the commuter train into the office. So I get a 5k walk every day. Actually lost some weight on it so that's a plus.
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  15. Dude, Monday is chest day? Who the fuck skips Monday?

    Kidding bro. I used to do full body workouts but I prefer separating it now; feel as if I get a lot more results this way. As for the weight your doing, are you American or British? Not sure whether you're measuring in lbs or kg's. As I'm bulking I more or less skip cardio, unless I'm using it for warm up purposes.

    What workout are you including for your back? Surprised you're not including deadlifts.

    Whoever said you can workout stoned is a fucking liar (fu dolph's). Also, jogging is not working out you pussy.
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  16. Depends on the kind/potency/strain etc noob. Agree on the jogging isn't more than a warmup though.
  17. When you are as beast as me you only need to do the bare minimum to maintain perfection.
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  18. I'm here to pay the troll toll, to get into Crayo's(h)ole
  19. I did sit ups for like a week and I'm back on the doorstep of SixPackistan. My body just responds like a champ to any physical activity I bless it with
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