Do you even want Miz to win?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. Personally, I want Santino to win today. Does anyone else feel the same?
  2. HELL FUCKIN NO! As much as I don't like Santino I reader see him win and ebearbanist Miz then see Miz walk anound like he a real champion! WHEN HE FUCKIN SUCK!
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  3. I can't believe I just read that :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    I want Miz to win and I don't even like him that much! The US title needs some credibility, Santino, as much as I enjoy him shouldn't be champ whilst using his current character.

    How come you don't want Miz to win? BIgger things for him?


    What the fuck?:emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  4. I want Miz to win. Then, we'd get to see the Miz more often hopefully...

    Santino can go be tag teams with Brodus or Ryder.
  5. US Championship in my opinion has lower prestige than the divas title. That explains why I don't want Miz holding it. It damages you - it doesn't help you. However you could argue getting TV time = help, but since when do US Champions automatically get TV time? It's worked out so far to be the complete opposite.

    Have Miz lose unluckily. It continues his losing "work".
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  6. Miz should win the title and then turn face, by showing up on Raw tomorrow interrupting Johnny and saying that he was the guy who got him his current job and Laurinaitis didn't even get him a match on the PPV last night, that he won by himself or something like that.
  7. This. Get rid of that damned belt already.
  8. Yeah I think something like this would work well. My thinking is Crayo that Miz winning the US title would increase the prestige of it, instead of lowering the credibility of Miz. Also as stated above it could turn him face easily.
  9. I'm all for a Miz face turn... but a midcard face turn? Fuck that in my opinion. What credible midcard heels would he go up against? Miz gets people over (Riley for example), he needs to stay credible. US Championship is dog crap.
  10. Fair point. It could be a midcard faceturn, then if he gets over then he could get pushed. They might not want to risk a main event face turn in case he totally flops, which he may do.

    One thing I never thought of is that Santino is pretty over, if he beats him the fans won't like it.
  11. The worst way to turn your most over heel face is in the midcard, a division that no one gives two craps about, and expect him to get over (even if it is Miz). It's too soon for that face turn in my opinion, he should have a long second heel WWE Champion reign and turn through that against a dominant monster heel. That way you can use the "underdog won't quit" style to turn him, similar to Austin.
  12. That would actually be quite cool to be honest. I still think a good way for him to start his way back to the top would be through the US title, so winning tonight could work for him I think.

    Don't think I could see Miz as a dominant heel. Maybe make him gradually less pussy-ish though, that might help.
  13. I struggle personally to see how a deadbeat title like the US Championship will help him. It doesn't get you more TV time, it pretty much puts a massive sticker on you saying "I'M A MIDCARD WRESTLER". If he gets one segment a week on the mic - that's much better than a US Championship reign (imo).

    I'd book Miz taking the title off of Rock near Survivor Series maybe, have Rock return to face him, the head to heads would be amazing. Despite the IWC recent hate for Miz, he was absolutely adored during the RTWM with him as champ, as he proved he could hang. But yeah, anyway; during this feud MIz is allowed to show way more personality - like he did in those off-air encounters with Rock this year. Introduce bits of sarcastic comedy into his character so he eventually becomes a tweener, then have the dominant Mark Henry feud with him. Miz gets the lucky win, worming his way through loop holes. Good chance to use comedy here too. Then eventually when the stipulation is added that Miz can't win through DQ, count out, or anything like that, you see Miz battle through and not give up in a submissions match or something (yes I know it's similar to Austin). If you eventually have Miz go over Henry clean, I'm certain he'd be face.
  14. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on the US title belt front, I feel it can help superstars like it did with Ziggler (Before he was buried by PUnk) and Rhodes (Before he was buried by Show).

    I actually quite like the rest, and Miz and Rock's promos were pretty cool, not sure how they would work with Miz as a tweener though. Still would be pretty interesting to see. I like the going over Henry bit though, think that would be really beneficial for him.
  15. I just don't want to see The Miz as a face at this moment in time. I personally think he should lose this match due to the fact that I just don't want him as a US Champion went it totally means nothing. Sure, if he wins it, that's great however I think he deserves more than that as he's a very hard worker and just all round entertaining. I'm just hoping he looses and like you've said adds to his current 'work.' Eventually him leading up to something big for him, I'm personally hoping a match with The Rock for the WWE Championship at a later stage.
  16. Turning Miz face would be a good thing, not exactly for him, but it would balance the number of faces and heels in WWE. I agree he could flop, it's a dangerous decision. Someone suggested an Eddie Guerrero-like gimmick if he turned face, cheating to win. But regarding the US Title, I think this situation as a whole is weird, why in the world did they book this match? No feud at all, just something completely random.
  17. Take away Jericho & Miz and what good heels do you have left? Rhodes I guess. WWE is face heavy with Cena, Sheamus, Punk, Orton, Big Show squashing people weekly.
  18. It sure feels like there aren't many faces because we aren't given a reason to cheer for any of them. (Other than Punk)
  19. To be fair I don't think that is due to lack of heels, it is more down to the horrendous booking of all of them. Miz, Ziggler and Rhodes should all be top heels.
  20. The current decent heels: Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry and The Miz as far as I can think of. Cody Rhodes, The Miz and Dolph Ziggler are pretty self explanatory. Mark Henry is a guy that I liked ever since he turned heel, he's a great heel in my opinion and I think he does have interesting segments. Mark Henry was a good dominant heel.
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