Do you get so invested in a character you refuse to see their flaws?

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  1. Simple enough thread, inspired by Christian accusing Crayo of it over Ambrose, Lockard being accused of being a WWE mark by some and Testify's apparent TNA bias. Do you? And if so who is it who makes you that way?
  2. Generally I'm pretty good for acknowledging when one of my favourites has a major flaw(s). Although, often if I support a guy who isn't so popular I perhaps overstate their abilities a little bit. I used to do a lot with Ziggler (before he became a smark favourite) and recently probably with Jay Bradley.
  3. Nope, or because I'm so obsessed - :nope:

    But yeah seriously, no, and I haven't seen many on here that are. It is the opposite in fact. I have seen so many instances of needless criticism because it is against the norm. People want to hate on what is popular in the IWC because it's just that, popular. The IWC in general is a hub for obsessing over "underrated" or "underused" talent. Even the great Daniel Bryan went under a period of criticism - after he was pushed - for being "overrated". Now CM Punk gets that, and soon the Ambrose is overrated remarks will take over once he gets a push. Sure, the die-hard Punk marks like Randy himself make it seem like you can be obsessed to the point of not seeing their flaws, but we are lucky enough not to have too much of that around here.

    I could see myself doing it for football though. I am such a huge Chicharito fan and any criticism he gets tends to make me mad, but because he's such an awesome person, he doesn't get much criticism. Thank God.
  4. I openly point out the flaws of my favorites. lol CM Punk being my favorite of the "now" roster...

    In character:
    His crying gimmick got old fast.
    He became stale in a short amount of time.
    He was very repetitive and said the same thing week, after week, after week.
    His matches even seamed a bit stale.
    He doesn't need anymore shirts, k thanks Vince.
    In real life:
    He is the biggest hypocrite I have ever heard of.
    He plays the "my daddy was an alcoholic" card to get sympathy & reason to be a dick to people. - mf'er so was my dad you don't see me crying over it!
    He openly judges everyone, specially when he feels they disagree with them.
    He pretty much feels his views, ways of life, & opinions are the only ones that matter & are the only right ones.
    Dude can be a dick.

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  5. Nah bro, CM Punk is perfect and does nothing wrong ever. BITW.
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  7. I read the thread title and thought "Like Crayo with Ambrose!" lmao.
  8. How ironic.
  9. Don't forget he constantly slams people on Twitter. :dawg: But that's part of his gimmick I s'pose so I guess it doesn't really count. It's just really funny to see fans/haters reactions whenever Punk does it. :haha: Either die-hard marks support him in being a dick or haters tweet him retarded obscenities. Lmao.
  11. But uhh, as far as just WWE characters go, I don't really support anyone blindly. I can admit to Shield's flaws, Punk's flaws, Bryan's flaws (if there are any), Emma's flaws, etc.
  12. I think his own fans tweet him insults to get a response! lol I don't even follow him anymore. haha
  13. Punk only responds to negative tweets unless it's about something he supports, lol.
  14. Thanks for the s/o. Does Bobby Roode have any flaws? If not, then I'm good.
  15. I guess I'm guilty because I often overlook Punk's flaws. It's not that I overlook them, but more like I don't really consider them flaws. He's a hypocrite, he's judgmental, he's whiny and full of negativity - but that's kind of what I like about him, lol.
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  16. I know of people who are annoyingly bias and refuse to see the flaws in their favorite characters or TV show - it's a daily occurrence on tumblr. For me personally, I like my characters to have substance (flaws and all) and that helps me invest in the character. There are times when I'm irritated with what the show does with a character and I think I have better ideas lol, but overall I wouldn't go through those feelings if I didn't get passionate about them to begin with.
  17. I'm actually quite unbiased in a lot of ways and will happily point out the flaws in people or things that I like (movies, musicians, wrestlers, video games, TV shows, people that I know or like in real life, etc.) For me, it's simply a matter of whether the positives outweigh the negatives. If they do and especially do to a rather large degree, then it's easier for me to ignore the latter but I'm still not blind to any flaws that might exist.

    Funny thing about me being accused about being a WWE mark (or being 'overly optimistic') is that I knock WWE plenty, it's just that I often try to remain optimistic or just sit back and enjoy a show for what it is since I'm not quite the same passionate fan wrestling I used to be anyway (obviously still caring enough to post on a message board regularly, but then, look at what my post count remains as, too.) Often, the opposite of refusing to see the flaws happens on message forums, where people point out what they think is bad and fail/refuse to see the positive side of it. People refused to see why doing Rock/Cena again at Wrestlemania this year was a wise business decision, for example, as the casuals ate it up and after the way they booked last year's match (Rock going over, which was a much better set up for him winning the title than losing would have been), it made sense story wise for Cena to make a comeback in winning the Rumble, finally defeating Punk, and then triumphing over The Rock to really cement himself as one of the greatest of all time and win the WWE Title again in the process.

    Regardless of how boring it was to us elitist smarks, anyone objective can understand the move. And the matches that people would have preferred to see (Rock/Brock, Undertaker/Cena, etc.) could always happen next year or the year afterwards, etc. Some don't see the big picture.
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  18. Nope. Nobody is perfect, so of course I expect flaws. I wont help cover them or hide them, if a character has a flaw I'll admit to it.
  19. DB has no flaws, he's the perfect specimen.

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