Do you guys collect stuff?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Varus, Jul 20, 2013.

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  1. I collect gas masks and swords. Gotta prep for the zeds
  2. I collect jackets. Currently, I have 20!
  3. Used to collect hockey/baseball cards and I used to collect pogs back in the day. Maybe only GN and Danny will remember what those were.
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  4. nigga I had pogs fuck you
  5. :badass:
  6. Wouldn't really say I collect them but my grandfather left me a nice stack of vinyl albums which I cherrish.
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  7. I love pogs! My brother still collect them, he's such a kid! :emoji_grin:
  8. I collect cards. Normally I would just say Pokemon cards, but I recently started collecting WWE cards (just the 2013 set) as well. It's a whole hell of a lot cheaper than collecting Pokemon cards, lmfao... 2 packs of WWE cards for $3 when you normally get a single pack of Pokemon cards between $5 to $7.

    Pokemon Cards (open)

    The cards in the black album are a fully completed base set of the first 150 Pokemon.

    WWE Cards (open)

    I haven't opened the pack at the bottom yet because I haven't had the privacy and time yet to make an opening video like I did with the first pack. Will hopefully soon though.

    Magic: The Gathering Decks and Yu-Gi-Oh Deck (open)

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  9. I've got TONS of trading cards, Pokemon, WWE, Baseball, ETC.
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  10. :challengeaccepted:

  11. :smug:
  12. But seriously, I doubt anyone on this forum has more Pokemon cards than I do. :dawg:
  13. I've got a good amount of 'em.

  14. :pity:
  15. Yeah..... I admit defeat.... :christian:
  16. Sports Jerseys
    Wrestling Tees/Hoodies/hats etc.
  17. I don't but I sure as hell use to.:pity2:
  18. Don't think I do really. When I was younger I had so many Yu-Gi-Oh cards but I got rid of them when I lost interest.
  19. I collect virginities.
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