Do you guys want me???

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by edge4ever, Jan 19, 2015.

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  1. so do you????

  2. duckface :no:
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  3. Admit it. U want me
  4. Lets run away together, leave the forum, leave everything, and just run. I'll provide for us.

    Let me be your hero.
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  5. Only if you don't use lube. Damn pansy sauce.
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  6. What even is this...
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  7. This is where u want me.... I want u... U want me.... Let's do the damn thing!!
  8. Man
    man you're hot
  9. Be my hero... Adore me and abuse me please? Let's take a chance
  10. Abus..ab..abuse? I mean that seems a little draist.. DAMN IT, WHORE STOP MAKING ME TURN INTO A MONSTER! :bully:
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  11. I'll be your innocent little boy
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  12. This is disturbing, seriously.
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  13. Thread being closed in 3...2..
  14. lol have fun while you can!
  15. I like Delik.....he's a nice man....he makes me want to be happy, ya know?!!?!?!
  16. Somebody took some good drugs today
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  17. Not sure if crayo.
  18. Duckface is for women.