Royal Rumble Do you have a problem with Batista winning the Rumble?

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  1. In my opinion, the returning Batista is the clear favourite to win the Rumble. Many think he'll squash Del Rio at Elimination Chamber as a filler feud while six others battle for the title. He's new to the title picture. Also, Hunter will have no problem with Batista main-eventing WM as they're good friends apparently.

    So, do you think it's OK for an ageing superstar to win such a huge match just a week after returning? In addition, Batista has already won a Rumble and main-evented WM before. Shouldn't it be CM Punk or Daniel Bryan's time?
  2. I'm fine with it. Better than Cena and Sheamus the past two years
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  3. Fair enough. I wonder what people will say in a few months time or even after Wrestlemania, though.
  4. Nope. His return will create a buzz (not a Rock-level kind of buzz, of course, but a buzz) and it just makes sense to have him defeat his old partner Randy Orton or a huge monster like Brock Lesnar (a completely fresh adversary whom he has stated in real life is his dream opponent) to win the championship. From a business viewpoint, it's how to capitalize on his momentum in the best way and Batista/Lesnar is a main event match I wouldn't mind seeing.
  5. Ahem, mhm, yea um NOPE.
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  6. Hell no. If he's gonna be around for as long as people are rumoring, then I'm all for it. The only problem is, I picked D-Bry to win.
  7. Not really.
    Although, I can already see now what some complaints will be i.e

    "Combing back and getting such an opportunity straight away."

    "Rusty in the ring"

    "My boy Bryan is GOAT, Batista just a body-building douche who failed in MMA wijwiwdiw" (I can Anti-IWC too Jackson....)

    As long as his work rate is in line with the opportunity given to him, I don't see why not, people like Bryan and Punk most likely have feuds ready for them which will hopefully enhance them anyway.
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  8. You all say that now because it's exciting and something new, but I'm sure the IWC will be a sick of him by the summer. DB marks, in particular, will be unbearable like when Orton won the briefcase.
  9. This is something else people need to consider. Batista has never been a great in-ring worker, capable of putting on great matches. Now he's a few years older and out of practice, it could be a real problem.
  10. If he performs badly I'll shit on it if he's entertaining I'll praise him. Is normal.
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  11. I wouldn't like it one bit. Nothing against Dave but anyone but Bryan winning the Rumble is a bad idea.

    Don't remember Dave being as diabolical in the ring as people made him out to be.
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  12. DB isn't winning the Rumble... no way, no how.
  13. I truly think Batista winning the Rumble would be awesome. I just hope Monday night we see a Batista Bomb!
    Especially since after the concussion who knows if he can even do anything. I've been hearing it's got some severity to it.
  14. It's better than Punk winning, but I don't see him needing it much moreso than i see Batista taking ADR out and ADR trying to get back in, giving someone else a chance to take Batista out. That feud won't be great, but if Brock wins the belt at EC I really have a hard time seeing him drop it the next month.
  15. Naw, he's a cemented main event player(somebody call my momma) and someone who is returning with a lot of buzz.
  16. I don't care who wins it as long as it's good :obama:

    Same with every PPV
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  17. No cause I love Batista and as long as someone goes over at the end its all good cause I get the animal back!
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  18. ^ This works as a valid answer for me too!
  19. I've never been real into only wanting one guy to win matches. If it's entertaining, tells a good story, and has good wrestling, I'm generally pleased. Some guys bug me, for example Rybacks fast push, but it is what it is. Obviously, I always pull for Bryan, but when he loses it's fine with me too if it makes sense. In wwe 2k14 Bryan never loses though. I think he is 190-0
  20. I wish Ryback wasn't such a douche his Music hypes me not gonna lie.
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