Do you keep the cards people give you?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Trip in the Head, Jun 15, 2014.

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  1. I'm curious. I think it is more of a male vs female thing, but my wife does her utmost to hold onto EVERY card she gets from me (mostly) or others. Anniversary, bday, valentines, you name it, it got saved. Years worth of them. I have been holding onto mine because I don't want to upset her, but I never go back and read them really. They just take up space in a drawer. I kind of think they are a waste of money most of the time.

    Do you guys hold onto the cards people give you?
  2. I shove them into a drawer for later throwing away.
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  3. I keep the cards, but I do the same thing you do- that is to put them in a spot and not go back to them. I really don't know what women do with them. I know they hold onto them for the most part, majority speaking, but I've never really thought about if they go back and read them.
  4. Depends entirely on the card. Birthday cards I can take or leave. I save them for a while and then they get sorted out with time.
  5. I keep them, and never seem to throw them away. I don't read them, unless it was something interesting that I refound while going through stuff.
  6. I keep them for a week then throw them out. I don't even buy cards for people anymore. I think it is a waste of money.
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  7. I shove them up candy asses.
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  8. I throw them away.
  9. The only cards I keep are the ones I feel are sentimental. Which so far has been two, I think.
  10. Interesting. I do have an old card I got from my grandfather that I still hold on to. Last one I got from him.
  11. Mostly They go in the trash as soon as the money is retrieved. The only ones I keep are the hand made ones from my kids.
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  12. Keep most cards I get, but I'm also a very sentimental person. I love getting cards for others, from special occasions to "just because," and I also make cards from time to time.
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  13. For guys or for your girl friends?
  14. Yes, I keep Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards. Almost have all pieces of Exodia. :smug:
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  15. Both. :ksi:
  16. I have kept ones from my little cousins. They made them when they were younger. It is funny looking back at them cause they are 12 and 14 now :shock:
  17. LMAO my mom actually just let my sister and I know she has a special box with all of our cards from when were kids put together. My sister is newly married and sends cards for any and ever occasion, abandoning the internet for an even less sincere approach, but I just am going to throw my box downstairs with the rest of the stuff I "plan on keeping when I own a home" and forgetting about it.

    I see 0 value in cards. A call would be more sincere, meeting in person would be most. Why drop $3 when you can go see the person and wish them a happy birthday in person? You want me to write down what I could say to you in 5 seconds? It's like people don't give enough credit to personal interactions. I got you flowers for your birthday, something living that you can take care of, and you wanted me to get a card to say "Enjoy the fucking flowers" next to it so you can remember it? I dont and wont do it.
  18. Chip: *snicker* I've seen your muddahs special box.....her cootah!
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