Do you like Mark Henry?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Samalan, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. I have seen so many videos where the audience have been booing Mark Henry which made me ask, do you like him?

    To be honest, he is a great wrestler but then again, I am not a huge fan of him but I don't really dislike him that much.
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  2. A lot of people are gonna say that he's a great monster heel and what not.
  3. Henry is awesome. The crowd booing him is a good thing. He isn't a very good wrestler but he is still entertaining to watch work because he incorporates his character so well into his matches. He is gold on the mic under his current angry black man gimmick.
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  4. I like mark more than i like dick and i dont like dick
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  5. Henry needs to feud with CM Punk in a squash match. :burns:
  6. that match would be stupid Wade why punk
  7. I miss henry :sad: :upset: :facepalm1: :tough:
  8. He's OK on the stick but a bit too slow in ring for me, I dig the big guys when they don't move in slow mo.
  9. I like him because he's a great monster heel worker. :kobe:

    Seriously, the guy played his role where he destroyed everything and everyone very well, his matches were a little slow, OK, but his run on SD was awesome. Heel winning cleanly, throwing Big Show all over the place, throwing the sound guy to the floor, screaming on the mic mad over never being champion, I really like him.
  10. I agree that he played his role very well and was quite epic at times when he got annoyed however I am not a big fan of the role he played but I must say, he is quite good for that reason!
  11. [​IMG]

    Man, you trying to Tadpole Splash me at Wrestlemania, get that sh** outta here. I'm Mark Motherf'n Henry, how dare you try to pass this childish sh** off on me, I beat yo ass!
  12. I respect his work, he's a good monster heel and performer. But I don't like him.
  13. Compare Henry's monster reign with Big Show's. Both similarly booked (but Show's being more mainstream), 99% will say they enjoyed Henry's more, but you're a Big Show mark so I better tread carefully :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. Henry is damn good as a monster. When he slammed Sheamus through the barricade I marked like a kid.
  14. I like everyone, except Brock.
  15. I dont have a connection with him :((
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