Do you like Ted Debiase?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Some love him and some don't care for him. What's your opinion on Ted?
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  2. I kind of got into him with the whole DiBiase Posse thing, but he hasn't been on screen lately. Too busy with family i assume?
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  3. I think he is ok but I think he needs to up his game on his character as right now hes coming across as boring. He defintely should get a title run once hes got soemthing going with his character
  4. I personally like him. He does need to get in feuds like he did with evolution and get some more moves. He also needs to be a heel, he would get more attention and be a better character like that then a face.
  5. Hell yea, he was awesome

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  6. Lol FU, Ted Jr.
  7. +1 Point for having a character that Creative could actually build feuds around. (Jinder and Hunico)
    -1 Point for really being a generic character nonetheless
    +1 Point for having a nice mix of power and athleticism
    -1 Point for being a generic wrestler nonetheless.

    So yeah, he's just kinda there. Vince, he has a broken ankle.
  8. Never met him, can't judge.
  9. He's currently injured, but I like him. He's got a decent character, and seems natural as a face. He's pretty good in the ring too, lets see if he gets some mic time and improves on the stick when he gets back.
  10. I like him.
  11. Your avatar Jose... it's boss. :flair:
  12. Thank you very much, sir. :baws:
    Hard to find though all those bleeding pic's. :dawg:
  13. Ted went downhill after Legacy. Period.
  14. I enjoy him, I just feel he needs to be given more of a chance and brought up to the top right like Cody was.

    He's work in Legacy was great and he's got a good fan base. Just get a new theme for fuck sake. I hate his current one.
  15. When does he return
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  16. Decent worker but just too plain.
  17. Dibiase needs a more noticeable gimmick to truly stand out. Just being the son of the million dollar man won't work.
  18. i love him he's one of my favorites, but i think wwe should push him :cmpunk:
  19. In a month or two.

    On Recovering From Injury: "I got that (ankle surgery) done, shoulder was good, just orthopedics. I was just in and out. I was probably out four weeks or so, so I was ready to go. I'm back in the gym, [the] ankle is probably 85 percent and I'm looking at maybe another month out, I think. If I had to, I think I could probably go today, but I think WWE is giving me some time to make sure it's healed, which has been a godsend because now I have more time to play dad."

    Source: 411mania
  20. Will never be a patch on The Million Dollar Man!!!