Do you really consider Cena # 1?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Baraa, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Now we all know John Cena is being considered by many as the # 1 guy in the WWE....

    Love him or hate him, the guy is also being pushed by his company as # 1 of this generation....

    But many people nowadays tune it to RAW just to watch CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and many others and you have the feeling that Cena is not being considered by the fans as the # 1 guy.....

    From a fan perspective, I don't even care about Cena , especially with his current stupid storyline with AJ & Vikie.....

    Do you guys really think that Cena is the # 1 guy in the WWE?
  2. I tune into RAW and Smackdown for Ziggler.


    Cena is the no.1 top dog, no matter what. When he comes out, there's something different because of the ''Superman'' gimmick. He's a good worker, has a big heart for the business, but is always the one who comes out as the winner which starts to get too obvious imo.

    I know, he's been there for a long time and worked for it, but it wouldn't harm his persona if he'd lose from time to time. He lost to Punk, but it wouldn't put Cena in the mid-card if he'd lose to Ziggler or Bryan.

    Back to your question. In and outside the ring, he's no.1. Not just for being WWE John Cena, the wrestler, but also for all of his appearances outside WWE. The man works hard, does a lot and gets respect from it.

    Love him or hate him, I do believe Cena is the no.1 of the company.
  3. Despite Cena not being my favorite wrestler he is without a doubt number one, inside and out of the ring. As Jose pointed out his work ethic and passion for the business has put him in that position and he is doing splendid in it.
  4. I agree with many of what you said, I do respect the guy for his hard working and for carrying the company 2005-2010....

    But I have this feeling now that the show no longer depends on him like before, it's pretty obvious that CM Punk is currently more important for the show than Cena (I'm not saying this because I'm Punk fan :pity:)

    If only he would turn heel and have a character change, then at least I won't be his biggest hater in the world :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  5. Cena is way different than Punk.

    Punk couldn't do all the appearances Cena does. He's just not the man for it. Plus, Cena is way more loyal than Punk ever will be. He bitches a lot about things, and his feelings get hurt quickly.

    Hard to explain, but Cena is way above Punk in some kind of weird way. I don't have a good explanation for it, but that's just how it feels.
  6. The show needs Cena. Punk is not good enough a draw. He's a good draw but he doesn't draw good enough as a main eventer.

    Punk is not suited for public appearances either. Cena will do anything for the company, rain or shine. Punk's ego will only allow him to do stuff that will benefit him. Cena is mature enough so to speak to put his ego aside and do the public appearances.

    Cena draws on a consistent basis, sells merch for large amounts of money consistently and the fans want to meet him.
  7. He will never be the #1 amongst the IWC, but he is by far the #1 guy in the company.
  8. Yes the internet will without a doubt sing Punk's praises more than Cena's due to Punks's staggering in ring work ethic and skill.
    took the words outta my mouth BaraaKhalaf92
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  10. I may be the biggest Cena hater but as I said I respect what he did for the company.....

    Cena is better in terms of drawing, but in terms of in ring abilities and mic skills, Punk is definitely better :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:

    Plus, CM Punk is certainly more entertaining than that stale "superman" .:otunga:
  11. Cena is by far the most important to, he's their biggest active draw by a mile. Hence why he's working SmackDown atm.
  12. You can just call me Baraa :otunga:
  13. This is debatable. Cena is a good wrestler but works a much safer ring style due to the fact that he is the most important part in the WWE machine right now. He cannot afford long time injury. His mic skills are also one of a kind when he chooses to deliver. Punk whilst a constant good on the mic is very sloppy in the ring which lowers his stock.
  14. I don't think you can even debate the ring ability tbh Stopspot. Cena does get called a bad wrestler in the IWC and that's wrong - because he's not - but to say he's as good as CM Punk is just wrong. However, he is definitely equal to him with mic ability. Cena on his day is one of the greatest mic workers there is.
  15. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk: : "I am the best WRESTLER, I am the best TALKER, I am the best TECHNICIAN, I am the best BRAWLER"
  16. I would rephrase that to:

    "I am the BETTER wrestler, I am the BEST talker, I am the BETTER technician, I am a SLACKY brawler".

    I do think he's the best talker though.
  17. All those points are debatable
    Best wrestler: Daniel Bryan/Austin Aries
    Best talker: John Cena when properly motivated
    Best Technician: Daniel Bryan
    Best Brawler: Kevin Steen most likely.
  18. Cena is good but Punk is consistently better. Punk brings the best out of Cena where as Punk can be good against anybody. So I definitely disagree there.

    Best wrestler is undoubtedly Bryan. I agree with Technician and Brawler.
  19. :sad: :"Y U GUYS SO JEALOUS OF ME?"


    Seriously though, I will put my "Punk fanboy" character aside and say this....

    The best wrestler is Daiel Bryan,
    The best talker is CM Punk,
    The best TECHNICIAN is Daniel Bryan,
    The best Brawler is......well don't know who lol
    The best Heel is CM Punk
    The best face is.....well I'll go with Miz lol
  20. You could probably throw in Kassius Ohno(Chris Hero) or Sami Callihan as potential frontrunners for best brawlers with the old zoo enthusiast Kevin Steen. A Callihan brawl is amazing to watch.
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