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  1. I was curious to know if anyone here supports The Donald, and why?

    I don't. Because he's never actually explained how he's gonna get the money to deport 11 million immigrants, make a giant database of the millions of Muslims, nationwide or how he's gonna get the money to keep tabs on Mosques and other Muslim sites and make Mexico build a wall.

    He is just bringing out the long buried racism and anger rich, middle-class, white people have built up because minorities are being helped out and that a black man is president. He claims that Obama has divided the country on the race issue, yet he does it time and time again. He constantly bullies and humiliates people, and can't seem to stop flaunting his wealth and poll numbers.

    Not to mention his prosecution of Muslims, seems awfully close to that one, thing that happened 70 years ago in Germany...can't remember the name.

    So yeah. That's my stance. Do you support him? Yes or no? And why?
  2. No
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  3. Let's be honest if he got elected it would be hilarious. I'm pulling for him for all the wrong reasons and I won't apologize for it.

    I also feel like if trump wins it is a giant middle finger from the American public to the establishment that is American politics. You are all so fucked up trump is the leader in the clubhouse months before a presidential election. Way to fucking go
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  4. First of all, he DID explain (as every candidate has done) online via a downloadable source, so you are wrong because you don't google correctly.

    2nd he is the worst candidate not named Hillary Clinton. Cruz isn't eligible, Bush is a shithead who cheated his brother in (in a turd sandwich vs giant douche battle, lets be honest no one in the year 2000+ has been worth it, Sec of State up) and Sanders is probably the only bet.

    The only thing terrifying is Sanders is socialist (which could work) but could work against the nation in a conspiracy driven fox news h-bomb style bullshit media outsourcing martial law esque end of nations. I'm joking but really look at how the candidates have been driven into sub categories and who is left above.

    We have 2 democratic candidates, and with Rand Paul leaving we now have 4-5 candidates in Republicanism with 2 being inelligable (lets be serious Chris Christie is a fuck who has no chance no matter who he faces. He is a pun. Bush is inept, Marco isn't white enough, Trump is the scum of the fucking earth)....seriously you thought reality tv was bad now? Wait until the national addressed speeches Trump will put out....and Cruz is inept. He has been called out for being a flip flopper, and there is legit nothing worse. He is the Narc of presidential election popularity.

    I am praying for Sanders, but preparing for chaos. There is no honestly decent candidate up here for 2016, and that is horrifying.
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  5. You have shitty options to choose from, and he's still the worst. UK people can relate to it like this: imagine having to choose from Jeremy Corbyn and Nigel Farage. It's that far-fetched. Although I am a Corbyn mark.

    Anyone who genuinely votes Trump must have some strong form of autism.
  6. Cornwall isn't a part of the UK. You vote for the next puppet in Mr Rogers Neighborhood and we all know it.
  7. Cornwall IS the UK. We are the core. #FarmersUnity
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  8. I like Trump but I don't know if he will make a good president. I don't know if any of the candidates would make a good president. Does it really even matter? The political system is so currupt and controlled that I actually wouldn't mind having Trump as president because he would shake the system to its core, and there would be an opportunity to rebuid.

    Everyone cries about not him not wanting Muslims coming into the country but I say the hell with them, keep them out for the time being. But monitor who comes in by country and not by religion. Obviously they're not all terrorist but there's gonna be a few bad apples in the bunch that are gonna try and execute another terror attack, and then what? Another hundred people die? Martial Law? Sadly it's what the world is turning into and if we have a bunch of undocumented Muslims running around then America is going to turn into a full blown militarized police state, which is what the government wants.

    A lot of people (espeicially my generation) are going with Bernie Sanders. Morally, I agree with a lot he has to say. But whats the problem with our country right now is our Government. And with Bernie getting elected will just make our government have more power than it already does. Look how shaddy law enforcement is in this country, and now you want them to run Healthcare too? And taxing people 70, 80, 90 percent? I don't care how rich you are, that's just not fair. I support the tax plan Ted Cruz has because it's a flat tax for everyone, no deductibles.

    Overall my choice is Rand Paul. He's by far the best candidate who is looking out for all of the American people. But do I think he could win? Not at this point. Maybe in another 4 or 8 years.

    The biggest issue in the country in my opinion is the economy. I don't care who you are, all everyone wants is wealth so we can survive and live comfortably. I personally feel like Trump will do what's best for the economy better than any other candidate.
  9. I'm pretty much in the group of D'Z on this one. Granted he has as much of a chance to win as I do, but still.

    I'm not voting, there's no point. The media elects the president anyway and the people who impress us are just putting on a big bullshit show anyway. It's a sad world, but welcome to reality. I respect a politician who will go out and speak however they feel. Honesty - no matter how brutal or inane - is a very good trait for a politician.

    Still, guys like Trump and Bernie Sanders are getting HUGE support - even here in the south - even if the parties want to run with Jeb and Hillary. NOBODY wants them. The main appeal to Trump is that he's not a career politician, and voting the good 'ol boys back in there will just produce the same shitty results.

    If the results are legitimate, this could be one of the most compelling elections in years.
  10. Vote Sanders and we'll have a president that thinks #BlackLivesMatter, and will fight for the rights of the transgndered or w/e the next movement will be. But our economy will be even more fucked. Vote Trump and he'll make good on 1/1000 of his promises, and that's a slim maybe. Economy will still be worse off.

    Best case scenario is we topple the government before the elections, or we hold out for Kanye. Listen to the kids bro!
  11. Don't matter if he wins or not, we're fucked either way. #endtimes

    Though, borderline racism > Islam cock sucking
  12. The rest of the world must have so much fun reading this lol
  13. I don't support and won't vote for him....unless he wins the GOP nomination because the other side's choices are worse than he is.

    Of course, as the resident political realist in most conversations I seem to be having recently, a Trump presidency probably wouldn't be as bad as many people paint it. He's a savvy businessman who understands negotiation and, therefore, compromise in order to get what he wants. He's worked better with Dems than most of the other GOP candidates, including the ones in the U.S. Senate, which is, in a democratic republic, the best way to get things done.

    Honestly, though, I love Chris Christie and I think he would be a great candidate....in 2012. In 2016, he isn't really electable, although his numbers have gotten better in the last couple of weeks. Teddy-baby is eligible under every metric we've ever seen a court in the United States rule on (no, by the way, SCOTUS has never ruled on the constitutional eligibility of a presidential candidate, but has always deferred to lower courts, who hold that a "natural born citizen" is either a person born in the United States or one born in a foreign country to a parent or parents who are United States citizens). Jeb is going to have a hard time winning either the nomination or the election in a party that's no longer ruled by decision-makers in "smoke-filled back rooms" (those were the guys, by the way, who picked the Teddy Roosevelts, Abraham Lincolns, FDR's, Harry Trumans, Jack Kennedys, and Dwight Eisenhowers, by the way...not sure we should spend so much time dissing them). The other candidates don't have much widespread appeal within or without the party and, even less, with the general electorate.

    My vote goes to Marco Rubio and I think he ends up with the nomination. And, if he's nominated, I think he wins the whole thing.

    The biggest thing to remember is this: nobody casts a single vote in this election until Monday. And lots of votes will be cast then and after that. Until then, everything's just smoke and mirrors.

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  14. This is exactly why I'm voting for Trump.
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  15. [​IMG]
  16. His answer is, essentially, raise taxes and prices on all things Mexican industry. There's also the potential tariffs and aid cuts, but will that really account for a wall stretching from the Pacific to the Atlantic? Not to mention this "Mexico will pay" is a plan that will work out, years after it is set in motion. Yeah Mexico will pay for the wall, after we've paid for it already. It won't do anything much, and it's stupid to make a country who is trying their hardest to stop the illegal migrant flow, pay for that. Why not help Mexico deal with the issues it's facing. How about not bolstering our military and using that money to solve real problems. Like the Human Rights crisis that is forcing people to flee, in the first place. Yeah, a large military is what will be needed to combat the problems, but we already have 1 of and the most advancement and biggest armies in the world. But the Trump is all for no teleprompter and brute force. w/e the guy is fucking retard, anywho.

    Also, Sanders being a socialist is so overdone. Everyone from Norway to North Korea, has A LOT of socialist principals and bills in place. Being a socialist isn't really a bad thing, what's scary is if the socialism, he promotes, does what so many socialist and socialist countries have and still do, and that's build a bureaucracy (as if there isn't already one). The Fox News attack is the real problem. They will attack anyone, because this election is completely different from any other one. Gone are the days of a Conservative that loves conservatives and conservatism, and Liberals who love liberals and liberalism. So it's likely that even Trump will be bashed, despite promising to do everything Fox News wants. And there's enough racist, blue collars in this country to make a difference.

    I'd like Sanders and even Hilary. She may be a untrustworthy, feminist who panders to the lobbies. But anything is better than prosecution of races, countries and religions. It's so mortifying to see all the work of social equality and racial barriers being broken down...just to be brought back up. The west bombs the terrorist, they do the same. The west invades the terrorist, they do the same. The west uses democracy as it's purpose of doing all of this, terrorist usually use Islam. It's one big cluster fuck.

    I'm sure we can all agree #endtimes
  17. You gotta love Trump for this lol

    I could support a president who has taken a stone cold stunner

    Trump/McMahon 2016 :psycho:
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  18. All Hussein Obama did for America with his race-baiting shit and communism was slowly but surely turning into a 3rd world cesspool. Dumbass Bernie or bitch Hillary winning would basically mean Obama 3rd term. Look at all the cities the communists (pardon - socialists, pardon - Democrats) governing: Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, Baltimore, Oakland, Memphis, New Haven, etc. Most violent cities in America.

    World wide, terror related deaths have quadrapled under the reign of muslim supremacist Hussein Obama.
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  19. Barry... I mean Obama = Islam's Al Mahdi :true:
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  20. McMahon will be make it illegal to worship a god other than himself.
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