Do you support Punk for leaving, or is he a baby?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 1, 2014.

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  1. Yes, it's brave.

  2. No, he's a baby.

  1. I see many different opinions regarding this subject, and of course we're assuming this isn't a work here. Do you think he should be applauded for taking a stand for his booking and stuff, or is he being a whining little girl?

    Poll has been added. If you want help deciding, this is the latest "backstage news" regarding the incident and how it's being taken backstage.

  2. Punk =
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  3. He is a brave man for standing up against WWE and showing that they do not have all the power in the world by leaving. He shows he cannot be controlled, and will not stand to be booked badly or have others be booked badly by his own agenda.
  4. The fact that his Superstar profile is still on the WWE website makes me still think this might be a work... and the fact that WWE has yet to address the situation.. maybe they are waiting until Monday Night.. who knows... crazy situation.
  5. He's a fucking baby
  6. He's being a baby for not accepting a non-title storyline.
  7. He had a really good run with so many storylines the past five years, that I just don't care what he does. He's out of the spotlight and that makes me happy.

  8. I'm conflicted. I support Punk's decision to leave but I wouldn't call it brave.
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  9. I think he is being a baby.
  10. I support his decision but he has gone about it the wrong way. Bryan is going about things the correct way.
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  11. I wouldn't say he's brave, but he certainly isn't a baby. Anybody who actually thinks he's a baby is just an unsympathetic moron. Or a hater. Or just playing around. Either way, they're wrong.
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  12. I won't say he's brave if his first solution to being fed up and pissed is leaving. Had it just been him being burned out and getting some time off then fine. Until then.

  13. nope I'm right you're wrong haha he's a pussy
  14. Being a baby.
  15. If it was real - which I firmly believe it to be a work at this point - I would say he needs to suck it up and stop crying like a baby. His dreams have been realized and people would kill to feel that. Dude is a third degree douche bag. But as I said, I believe it to be a work, so you go wwe! Gohan will keep us entertained.
  16. I don't really see the point of setting up a fake walk out by one of your most popular dudes RGHT at the most important time of the year....
  17. I think a lot of people are having a very strong reaction to it, which makes me hope it's a work, just for the lulz. Plus, the feel of it just screams storyline. That doesn't mean it is, but, as I told a FB friend the other day about this, in 2014, I assume everything's a work until it's backed up by official press releases by WWE.

    If it's a real situation, I don't think he's being a baby, but I don't necessarily think of what he's doing as "brave" either. He's making a business decision that will affect his life. I don't know that I would have made the same decision, but it also wasn't mine to make. Those who liken him to a "baby" or compare him to female genitalia, that's their opinion and they're entitled to it, although I would question what their reactions would be if put in his shoes. Those who hail him for being a brave bloke standing up and saying, "To Hell with The Man!", I would question what their reactions would be if they were in charge and one of their employees did this to them or if one of their co-workers behaved in a similar way.

    As is the case with a lot of issues, I don't know that either a or b is the right answer, but that it's somewhere quite in-between.

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  18. It is simple, he is injured. Instead of saying oh it's just an injury, lets screw with people's minds.
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  19. Even if he's not injured (or if it's just a minor one), this gets him off of TV and gets people asking what happened to him. It stirs things up and creates tension.

    If he then returns and blames it on HHH "holding him down" or something along those lines, it furthers the story between his anti-Authority figure and the Authority. For a fictional presentation that tries to be so realistic, it creates a sense of realism for us, as fans, to not really understand whether or not it's real. Basically, if it's a work, it has the potential to be a genius move. If it's a shoot,....oh, well.

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  20. He's been injured. Again, wrong time for this of it were a 'work'

    If Punk were hurt he still has value to WWE as a speaker. Hell his mic segments are always more of a draw than his shitty matches are.
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